Monday, January 11, 2010

Results are in...Week 2 OSB!

So its been exactly 1 week since Operation Sexy Bitch kicked off, and the results are in:

11/1                                4/1
Weight: 66.6kg          ( 66.9kg )
Body Fat: 23.6%        (24.1%)
Body Fat: 15.7kg       (16.1kg )

So, as you can see as expected (thinking positively) we have a drop, yay! I actually did the maths for all the analytical followers out there like moi. On the scales there is a 300g deficit, HOWEVER, there is actually a 400g drop in body fat, meaning that i have regained 100g of old muscle. Good ol muscle memory, she's coming back!

My friend reminded me yesterday during our power-walk along brisvegas riverside to not let scale weight do my head in, as it is the measurements/body fat that really matter. Muscle weighs more than fat and takes up half the space. Thus losing half a percent of body fat/week is realistic meaning i am right on track =). This challenge for me is about following a 'clean lifestyle nutrition plan', and not a 'comp/restricted diet'. Its all about balance and not extremes or an all or nothing attitude. The habits towards nutrition that i am learning to incorporate into my life over the upcoming weeks will be something i can continue once my goals have been achieved. I am creating my ultimate body- my body for life. I am looking at the big picture and not just a short term goal. Of course it is important to have a time-frame but also to know that it is OK if it takes longer. Slow and steady wins the race. I know exactly how i want my physique to look and i tell you now it'll take more than 12 weeks to perfect it. The body is just a work in progress, so i am focusing on one day, one meal, one training session at a time.

So for the reasons above i am stoked with the results, i have trained really hard this week and my nutrition has been pretty much spot on. It wasnt without temptation though!

On monday night, my work had a corporate box at the tennis (Andy Roddick eat your heart out!) with unlimited alcohol, dinner and dessert. I refrained from the alcohol, dessert, cheeses..only vice was a few pieces of fruit. GO ME! And on saturday, i had a BBQ up at noosa to celebrate my friends wedding. And did i have any bread rolls, fatty steaks, sausages or alcohol?.... Nope, i stuck with the chicken, salads and fruit. I also made myself a yummy Protein bar from my PN manual which was a delicious 'treat' meal for the week. Notice the word treat instead of cheat? I've noticed that 'treat' has been mentioned a lot lately: cheat is extremely negative and can bring about connotations of guilt whilst eating. When you're not allowed something, of course you want more, and for me that can lead to binging. Therefore treat, being a positive word is something i will have once or twice a week if i deserve it. Simple.

What else... I just had my 9 week check up at with the boob doc Dr Topchian, and he is very happy with the results and my speedy recovery. I am forever grateful to him =). I'll be seeing him in 2 months to do the after photos!

Oh and i have decided to hire a PT at my gym too! Starting saturday week, James is gonna smash my core for 30mins once a week. I'm ultra lazy when it comes to ab training, so no chickening out now. My 6 pack will be revealed in a few months time...I wanna be one of those girls who trains in a crop top at the gym!...but that aint happening till i have a washboard stomach. So with these goals in sight bring on the next weigh in!

Peace out x


  1. Hey Chelle, good job on the weight loss this week! Make sure you hit your weights as heavy as possible and go until fatigue, so that you can gain lots of yummy muscle to help burn that fat away!

    Good luck with the trainer. I am not a big ab worker too. I used to be though and now I just make sure my exercises are functional and i use my abs with everything so that now I dont have to specifically target them.


  2. MMMMMMM ABS!!!! I want some too!!! heheheh! Working on it! Well done are one lady on a hell of a mission!!! Go for it girl!

  3. Thanks for the support girls, watch this space!