Sunday, January 3, 2010

Goals...NOT Resolutions!

I'm not a fan of the word Resolution. To me, it is a 10 letter word that stands for a mindless thought. Goals are something that get you outta bed in the morning. They require an action plan and a time line, put that to paper and kaboom, you are in mission mode!

I have made the decision to hang up my stripper heels for this season of comps. Reason being, i need this year to foucs on quality training without the pressure that comp prep brings. Most importantly i need to achieve my goal weight and maintain it long term. In the past my comp prep has consisted of under-eating, over-training and dropping shit loads of weight in short periods of time. I practically suicided myself in order to strutt my stuff on stage. For that reason i hadn't developed the right mentallity about food and training and suffered the rebound effects post comp. Thus spending each new year having to lose a substantial amount of weight all over again....that is called Yo Yo dieting...Not good. So i have made a promise to myself that this will be the last time i will have to lose those same kilos all over again. I understand that a 1-2kg fluctuation in goal weight is acceptable and realistic, but 6kg again is ridiculous grrrrr! And yeah i know i had 2 months off training but no can control anything with diet =)

I have spent hundreds of hours in 2009 researching articles on nutrition and training and am now well aware that my previous approaches to achieve my ulitmate body were not desirable. So now, nutrition to me is about getting that metabolism cranking, eating whole real foods and eating shit loads of vegies. My nutrition has improved 100% in the last few months, add the weights training back in, take away the binging and walah the beautiful body is revealed. Simple...not always easy.

One thing i will be doing for this new years challenge of mine is keeping a countdown calender as well as the WEIGHING IN! In the past i used to just rely on the mirror to notice changes, i was in Scale Denial. So for christmas i bought myself a digital scale that also measures body fat and hydration. Now its not one of those expensive Tanita scales, and i know they aren't entirely accurate either, but for the purpose of monitoring results and tracking progress it will give me consistant information. So every monday from now on will be dooms weigh-in day.

So back to goals. I want to hit a maintenance weight of 60kg...Technically i'll weigh 59.13kg as there seems to be 870g of silicon lodged into my chest lol. This is a number that has eluded me for a LONG time, yes i have hit it for a week or two but have never stayed there long term....bad habits.

Other things that i do want to achieve this year:
Professional Photos
Buy a unit
Body Balance once a week ( will start in about 4 weeks time).. My flexibility is at an all time low atm, for the first time in my life i cant even touch the floor!
Conquer binging!
And be in control of my mind and not the other way around!

I believe that you can achieve anything that you put your mind to... if you want it bad enough.

Luck is good preparation met with the right opportunity. Train hard, eat well, love lots and reap the rewards. 2010 will be an amazing year if thats what you want it to be.



  1. Hi Chelle, I understand where you are coming from. Good luch with your goals this year.

  2. Everything you said makes sense to me. I can relate. I have gained back over 5 pounds of unwanted weight since comp. I"m trying to control eating and start eating healthier again. I want to do two shows this year.

  3. Awesome babe, well the perfect time to do so is now, New year, fresh start! All the best with your comp prep, how far away are the shows?