Friday, December 10, 2010

A crazy week in pictures!

My first week back from holidays has been nuts! Seriously it has been such a whirlwind that my poor glands are now a little swollen today. So I have been gargling salt water and eating spirulina like its going out of fashion...i think i need to grow some seawood lol

1. Training:
I have fallen in love with Zuzana's 500 workouts.

This chick is insane. 10 exercise x 50reps = 500 rep workout!... Total sweat-festathon here. I have done 2 this week plus slam class on wednesday night was practically a 500+ workout with 2km of sprints at the end. My heart was beating out of its chest by the end of the session. I gave the boys a run for their money... it must have been my Vibrams... cos i was running at the speed of light.... serious ;-)

2. iPad:
Work has just given all of us reps one of these little babies:

I'm still getting the hang of using it ( i don't own an iPhone) but i have to say that i am very impressed so far!

3. U2 360 Concert!
Yesterday my girlfriend Tarsha called me after lunch and asked me if i had any plans for the night?
I said, "No, why is that?
I said, "OMG, Are you fuckin serious!?

So this was my night:

It was AMAZING! Now for a girl who is more into your progressive house/ dance sort of music, these rockers brought down the house! Bono's voice was unbelievable, the band were fantastic and the music was simply beautiful. Talk about electric atmosphere, i was on the biggest high all night!

4..... and here is my poor baby =(

Some fuckin douchebag must have rammed my i30 in the carpark this morning and didn't even have the curtesy to leave a fuckin note! Thanks god its a company car BUT its still my baby.

5. Massage
On a happy note, i have ended my week with one of these:

Ok maybe NOT that relaxing, GA has a tendancy to massage your bones. So while i am swearing at her i just keep reminding myself that BEAUTY = PAIN!

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Let me know when you find new fun stuff for the Ipad. I have one and use it for reading books and the WSJ which is pretty boring ;)

    Had a massage too -- MMMMMM LOVE!!!! Fixes everything in life!

  2. Thanks Ana!

    Amy - what is WSJ? Is that American language lol!? .... I totally agree with massages fixing everything in life. I have been getting one (accupressure) either weekly or fortnightly for the past 4 1/2 years!

  3. lol --- Wall Street Journal :) It is a business paper. I am speaking American haha!

  4. OMG that is awful about your car!! Who does that!! I mean really- I've had the wind blow my car door into the car next to me, and even if that person is not there, I will take the time to see if there is any damage and if there was the slightest bit, I'd leave a note. KARMA is a bitch and that jackass that did that do your car is probably stuck in traffic right now hahahaha We hope! XOXO

  5. totally know what you mean about zuzana!

  6. Kellygirl - i agree KARMA is a bitch!... I think the christmas carpark rage has begun!!!

    Laree - We think alike! Have you done any of her workouts? I've now done 4 high intensity bodyweight workouts this week and my body is changing like crazy. Feeling lean and ultra tight!

  7. bugger about the car... I'm amazed at some people. Thanks for sharing Zuzana link - looks awesome!

  8. Shannon - no worries babe, her workouts are killer. I love the fact that i am done and dusted in under 30mins and dripping in sweat! Looking forward to catching up next saturday!!

  9. Yep, 30 mins workout the best! That's my limit for most training sessions. Won't be able to make Saturday now, have to work :(. Hopefully be another time I can catch up with everyone.

  10. Oh thats a bummer! Would definitely love to catch up in the new year =)