Monday, December 6, 2010

Stereosonics, Denim Hotpants (undies??) and a Progress Pic!

I have just had a fabulous weekend to wrap up my holidays. Yesterday was Stereosonics Music Festival here is wet/miserable/gloomy Brisvegas (has anyone seen Ms Summer Fairy!?) and the line-up was awesome. (I only go to a music fest if the djs are class, no point listening and trying to dance to shithouse pun intended lol). Carl Cox, Sebastian Ingrossi, Calvin Harris and of course TIESTO! .... Benny Benassi just didn't bring it, totally let down.

I partied with Steph and Ali and a few other friends. We were intending to walk in from their friends unit in the valley but after about 500m the rain pissed down.... Thank god i had my bright red poncho to save my make-up from running lol, so we caught a cab the rest of the way to the RNA showgrounds. By the time we got through security the rain had stopped...YAY... and didn't return....double YAY!

There were 6 stages with different styles of music - trance, techno, dance, progressive, breaks etc. We danced in the trance tent for an hour or so until the MUD got the better of us... Yes there were quite a lot of people wearing gumboots lol... Jumping around in mud is totally not my idea of fun... SO off to the Main stage we went where all the headline Djs were about to start playing.

The one downside of music festivals these days is that they seem to be flooded with kids 18yr olds off their face and wearing next to nothing.

Onto denim shorts:

Now i have no problems with people 'showing off their body' BUT when it is done in a 'skanky way' it totally takes away all your class, period. So i kid you not, i nearly got blinded by the hundreds (actually i lie...thousands) of girls wearing 'denim undies hotpants'! Since when are your butt cheeks suppose to hang out from your shorts? And i'm talking about when standing up, not bending over! Maybe i'm just wierd because i look in the MIRROR before i leave the house? I'm nearly 100% certain that if i saw my arse hanging out of my pants i would IMMEDIATELY put something else on.... actually, come to think of it, you really should be doing that in the dressing room of the shop you are buying from!

Seriously, it was quite amusing lol... And what made us giggle even more were the girls who wore Denim Undies with LEOTARDS... Now can someone please tell me when leotards come back into fashion??? Surely they are only for gymnasts and ballerinas?

So picture this Denim Undies + Leotards = Mega Cameltoe + Bad Fake Tan + Mega Muffin Top + Mega Cellulite + Mud  = Festival TRASH .... Oh and i should add that FESTIVAL TRASH jump around and dance too! ....sigh... I was so tempted to take some photos but i didn't, damn it!

Outfits aside, i had a fuckin wicked time. The music was pumping, the crowd (apart from being poorly dressed lol) was awesome and the atmosphere was just electric. One of my friends carried me on his shoulders for a bit, i carved up the dancefloor for 6hrs + and  even managed to squeeze my way up to the front row (again!) of the mosh half way through Tiestos' set! Just awesome.


  1. i confess i love leotards.. when done right scoop back with short tight sleeves with highwaist denim shorts that cover your ass! not a fan of trashy girls either!

  2. I'll take your word for it babe! ... I think i just need to see one worn on the right person... so please let me know if you post a photo ;-)

  3. Gosh Chelle, I hate those pants. I've seen too many young gals walking around in shopping centres with their butts hanging out of the bottom of them. A special strain of boganism that is yet to be classified....

  4. I agree Liz, they belong with the bogans lol...and i am off to redbank for work on thursday...sigh... ;-)

  5. Oooo wish I was there I LOVE dancing :D

    Do you have Gilly Hicks there (I would think so, seeing as how they call themselves Abercrombies Cheeky Australian Cousin) and Cheeky is right, all their shorts are super shorty booty shorts.

  6. I have never heard of Gilly Hicks before! Just checked out their website and all their clothes are nicknamed after suburbs of sydney, how bizarre! I haven't seen A&F here either, my little sis has bought some of their stuff but only online!

  7. lol i always love how graphic you are! Looking good chelle! and sounds like you had a blast!

  8. LOL, it was a very graphic experience Ana LMAO! =P