Monday, December 27, 2010

I Survived the Festive Season!

Hey everyone, hope you have had a fabulous christmas! I have come out of the last 4 days relatively unscaved on the over-indulgence front. Having said that there is a shitload bit more sugar than usual floating through my bloodstream atm! I really paced myself this year with the quantity of food eaten as i didn't want to endure that horrid feeling of a stomach explosion waiting to happen lol. I pretty much stuck with 2 meals/day with dessert(s) for arvo tea. I'm not obsessed about 'nutrition rules' anymore, so I was quite happy to skip meals here and there, eating only when hungry so i wouldn't have a massive overload of calories that definitely occurred in previous years! So apart from being a little bloated and holding onto a bit of fluid (damn those desserts lol) i am feeling quite chuffed that i have survived the festive season without my clothes feeling ultra tight!..... yep, no more pulling out the 'fat clothes'..... actually i threw them all out months ago, because those days are GONE! =).

Yesterday i tackled the Boxing Day sales at Carindale as i had some christmas $$ and vouchers to burn. It was totally my day: I got a carpark straight away and found exactly what i wanted and was done and dusted in 90mins.... no broken bones lol (the crowds were ridiculous!) I bought a duck down QB feather doona and this gorgeous white Sheridan Quilt Cover Set from DJs at 50%. Total Bargain.

Today has been another MISERABLE day in the SUNSHINE STATE. Seriously this rain can FUCK OFF right now. I feel sorry for all those holidayers who have spent hundreds/thousands of $$ on accommodation at the coast. You ain't seeing sunshine until at least Saturday so the weatherman tells me!

So what else to do when your gym is closed until Wednesday!? Whip out the umbrella and stroll around neighbourhood and hope not to be swept away by the flooding creek!

                                             .... anyone got a canoe i can borrow lol.

It was actually quite nice and peaceful walking outside this morning. It gave me some quiet time to think about what i would like to achieve next year.... and there are a few things.

I will reveal my New Challenge and goals in the next few day. So stay tuned!


  1. Looking forward to reading about all of your adventures kiddo :) Bring it on!

  2. As christina aguilera sings, "It keeps getting better!!"