Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sydney Trip Part 2 and Nailing November Wrap UP!

Well i am back in Brisvegas after having a fabulous time in Sydney. The rest of my trip consisted of a LOT of shopping, catching up with a couple girlfriends from uni and eating some fabulous food (Japanese, Burmese, Lebanese, Malaysian and Italian - my auntie is a fabulous cook and she knows all the great places to eat in Sydney!). OMG the new Westfield in the city is 7 storeys of a shopoholics dream. Seriously its a one-stop shop, Brisbane city just does not compare.... hmmm next year i think i will be flying down for some regular shopping weekends =)

One thing i did visit was the Lindt Chocolate Cafe.... I have to say i was a litte DISAPPOINTED. I had a slice of this Celebration du Chocolat cake and it was totally overated. (Freestylers kicks the Lindt Cafe out of the park!)  It also made me realise that i'm really not a cake person. I don't really like that heavy feeling in your stomach after eating cake. But what i did find there was 99% dark chocolate, so i bought a block (they only come in 50g blocks). I haven't tried any yet, but i'm assuming it'll taste like rich, bitter goodness! (i'm a huge fan of Lindt 85%).

So now i'm back at home i can officially say that i finally feel REFRESHED and REJUVENATED.  It took me nearly a whole week of 9+hrs sleep per night (i usually average 7hrs) to not wake up and still be tired. That just proves how burnt out my poor little body was!

So with all my bubbling energy i busted out not 1 but 2 kickarse workouts after hopping off the plane yesterday! A 7km run and a killer boxing session. I was on the biggest endorphin rush all night it took me a little while to wind down so i could sleep lol.

Last of all (sorry i am jumping all over the place - so much to tell lol) it is now December....which means summer....ummmm what happened to blue skies and sunshine?! I am so not digging this miserable, overcast, rainy bullshit!...

So i thought i'd better give you the wrap up on my Nailing November Challenge. Well i can happily say that i nailed my PB habit! The fact that it wasn't in the house made it easy peasy. Out of sight, out of mind which made me realise that PB wasn't a 'real craving'. I also nailed being OVERWHELMED which 9 times out of 10 was due to PROCRASTINATING. Now when i take the mail in, i immediately open it and if there are bills i just pay them straight away instead of leaving them in a pile lol.. Also too i have scheduled in a couple 'appointments' during the week which are for VACUUMING and MOPPING. Just like a date with the gym, its something that gets done now without me procrastinating =). And last of all mindless snacking. I'll admit there were a few occasions (the last stressful week before my holidays) where i caught myself out and then made myself STOP.  On a whole much better than previous months and i will continue working on completely breaking this habit for December.

Anyway i must fly, have a fabulous day!


  1. Sounds like a great holiday! Well done on your November goals!

  2. Thanks Char, december ones to come!