Monday, December 13, 2010

The kickarse 300 Spartan Workout!

Well peeps today i challenged myself and COMPLETED the ultimate spartan 300 Workout. This is the workout that Gerald Butler used training for the movie 300. It is killer. It took me about 25mins ( i'll use a stopwatch next time) and by the end i was ready to hurl!

Here are the exercises - note i have modifed the weights cos there is no chance in hell i could lift the big boys toys!

Assisted Chin Ups - 25 reps
Deadlifts (to the floor) - Olympic Bar  (20kg) with 10lbs per side - 50 reps
Pushups (on toes) - 50 reps
24 inch Box Jumps - 50 reps
Floor Wipers - Olympic Bar (20kg) with 10lbs per side - 50 reps
Single Arm Clean and Press - 20lb DB - 25 reps per arm
Assisted Chin Ups - 25 reps

You can view the 300 workout here.

I am really digging these full body workouts. I love being able to complete my sessions in under 30 mins, feel absolutely WRECKED but at the same time feel absolutely PUMPED! Yeah i am getting fit and strong baby! And most importantly i feel that incorporating these high intensity sessions into my training program is helping me lean out by the day.

Day by day i am getting closer to looking like this:


  1. Smashing it babe!! Your workouts are sounding awesome - keep at it and you will be smokin in no time!! (not that you aren't already :) )

  2. Totally babe! Yeah i'm loving these workouts, heaps of painful fun and cos there is no rest i don't have time to think or get bored lol =)

  3. So funny, I swear I was just looking at some 300 workouts on YouTube tonight- kind of prepping myself for Crossfit workouts in 2011!! So psyched!! ;-) Keep crushing it sista!! XOXO

  4. They are da bomb kellygirl! You will love them...well maybe not while you're doing them but you will LOVE the RESULTS!!! xo