Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Well haven't i been a SLACK-ARSE blogger but this last week has been crazy!

1. On friday i received (actually my work received!) the quote for my car...... ummmm $9979.46. OMG. It'll take 2 weeks to repair!

2. I squeezed in an 8km on sunday - 41min17 sec. I really can't wait for this rain to clear up so i can run outside. We've had only 4/24 days of sunshine this month, talk about a miserable summer.

3. I took 3.5mins off my 300 Spartan Workout time - 21.30min with good form!

4. Christmas shopping.... like always, i left it to the LAST minute.... I also spoiled myself with a gorgeous new dress for christmas day!

5. My fav cousin Solina is over from New Zealand with her 2 cheeky monkeys. Our families went out for dinner on tuesday night. OMG, it was such an amusing night with Jacques (19 months) and Sienna (nearly 4) running amuck in the restaurant stealing chopsticks re-setting the tables and scaring the crabs, lobsters and fish in the tanks lol! Too cute.

6. I won this cool Gingerbread House at our work christmas party yesterday:

7. Then celebrated my last day of work with a hot haircut and colour. Total 'sex hair'! Black, crazy and mysterious. Pics to come. Followed by a massage with GA.

8. Today i whipped Solina's butt into shape with a killer full body workout at the gym. It was also nice to see some eye-candy training this morning. I always seem to train harder when the horns come out to play hee hee. Then we had lunch at Mecca Bah in the valley. If you're into Moroccan food, this restaurant is amazing!

Anyways i better get showered and ready for pre-christmas dinner and present opening at mum and dads. Tomorrow we will be heading off to the Gold Coast to Conrad Jupiters for Christmas Breakfast.... Well dad will be heading down there first at 5.15am so he can line up.....I'm not that stupid lol.... First in first served at the Food Fantasy Restuarant as it opens at 6.30am... I'm aiming to get there after 7am. Then to my aunty and uncles for arvo tea. I will bring the Gingerbread house for the cheeky monkeys.... and no my day won't be over yet..... then dinner at GA's house!

It will be a food-a-thon but i WILL be pacing myself this year by not going totally SILLY!.... Taste everything in SMALL portions is my plan of attack =)

So i hope you all have a fabulous christmas and for those of you that don't celebrate it have a fantastic break!!


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