Monday, March 29, 2010

End of OSB Wrap Up.

Ok, I'm not gonna lie. I've been a little stressed out and disappointed ALL day. It seemed like i was DOOMED from the moment my alarm clock decided to wake me from my sleeping paradise. My winning streak came to a dead holt today. Defintely not the cinderella ending to my OSB challlenge.

The scales were UP. The body fat was UP. The skins were UP.... Then to top things off, disaster struck at work. 6 grands worth of my sales this month have been lost!!!! And nowhere to be found....maybe the computer fairy ate them? Its bonus month too, so fingers crossed this doesnt effect my sales figures.

8/3/10 (3 weeks ago)
Body Fat:   17.2%
Skinfolds:   89.1ml
Weight:       66.3kg (last week)

Body Fat:    17.4%
Skinfolds:    90.1ml
Weight:       66.6kg

Difference: + 0.2%, +1ml, +300g

Yeah sulk sulk, poor little me =(

BUT... gotta look at the big picture:

Week 1
Body Fat:    24.5%
Skinfolds:    135.9ml
Weight:        66.9kg
Body Fat:     16.4kg

Week 12
Body Fat:    17.4%
Skinfolds:    90.1ml
Weight:        66.6kg
Body Fat:     11.6kg

Body Fat:  - 7.1%
Skinfolds: - 45.8ml
Body Fat:  -4.8kg.... Now thats the important number!

So overall its a pretty good effort for 12 weeks worth of blood, sweat and tears. I will post up some progress pics in the next day or two. I''m just waiting for my sis to have an arvo/evening off work so she can take them.....Hemorrhoid aint taking them, thats for sure!!!!!!

I've started OSB round 2 today.

Body Fat:  12-14%
Skinfolds:  I'd like to get down to and MAINTAIN 55-65ml over 7 sites. 
Weight?     I really have no idea....Cant you tell!? lol..

Food Factor:
I have to admit that my nutrition has probably been at 80% the past few weeks. I'm not making excuses, but i know that all this house stress has thrown my hunger outta whack, and i have been ok with it. The 'extras' havent been bad - mainly PB (yummo!), nuts and PB bars. Its more so the portion sizes that has been the killer, and going back for seconds etc. I do know too that, when i'm in my 'own pad', there wont be too many naughties in my pantry. At Hemorrhoids, the kitchen is like a supermarket lol.

And you should all know that "If food is there, at some point it WILL be eaten!"

I also know that i am fairly LEAN now, so if i WANT to keep progressing forward i simply have to tighten things up. Why?

 Cos you can't out-train a poor diet!

With that in mind, this is how i'm GOING TO look like!


  1. don't worry about it chicky... your results clearly show that you HAVE lost pure fat with those skin folds, so good on you girl! you go! bring on round 2, i'm sure you'll kick ass again.

    good luck finding the sales, that must be a worry, but i'm sure they turn up xoxo

  2. Great changes over the 12 weeks. Seems like you know why things haven't changed much over the last 3 weeks and how you can fix it, so that's great. Best wishes for round 2!

  3. Hey Chelle,
    Try not to let the numbers get you down, I know its a head game but sometimes it can happen, you have been working really hard & it is really paying off for you, keep moving forward chicky!!

  4. Thanks girls for ALL your support over the last 12 weeks, you've been amazing. I've had to dig really deep today to kickstart my motivation and get me in the right headspace for OSB 2.... I think the progress shots have done that!!!! So in 12 weeks time, i will be putting up a pic of me posing in the same way as Miss JNL above for all of you to compare!