Monday, September 6, 2010

OSB #3 Week 9: No Sugar = No Cravings!

Ok i know i promised to get my skins done today but i've decided to have a week off gym. The reason being is that i noticed that the intensity of my workouts was starting to decline at the beginning of last week and by saturday's boxing class i was totally useless. My body was reacting with a 5 second delay to my brain lol. I'd been sleeping really well so i knew my muscle fatigue had nothing to do with not having enough shut eye so i looked back at my ACC and realised that it had been 10 weeks since my last break! ... I'm already feeling revitalised by sleeping in and not training this morning. This week will all be about walks in the glorious 27 degree (80 F) sunshine!!!

As you may recall i am also having a few weeks off fasting too and guess what? Not fasting last week had no ill effect on my results for weigh-in day today:

30/8/2010   Week 8
Weight:     63.2kg

6/9/2010     Week 9
Weight:     63.2kg (139.3lb)

Difference:   0.0kg

I have come to realise that my body seems to have been in maintainance mode over the past month or so, which is not a bad thing seeing that i have spent the past 8 months losing FAT. I am pretty damn lean (i'm guessing around 13% BF and low 60mls) atm and i feel happy and comfortable in the way i look. Of course there can and will be improvements to come but i'm at that point where i can grab anything i want off a clothing rack (usually a size 8 AUS) and feel confident that i look great!

Now what got me thinking was a comment from Ali on yesterdays' post:

"cutting out that stuff (refined sugar in dressings/lite-mayo/sauces) will really get your ml's moving I think! Sugar is the devil!"

Right now i have no desire to increase the amount of training i am doing. I currently do:
Weights - 3 x 45min/week
Bodyslam (boxercise)   - 2 x 60mins/ week
Outdoor Walk  - 4 x 45mins/week

There is the option of adding some HIIT after my weights sessions but for now i am more interested in seeing what effect cutting out sugary dressings/sauces has on my physique. I believe that my body is now at a point  where i have to start fine-tuning my nutrition to get off the plateau. And by fine-tuning i have no interest in cutting carbs, dieting hard and/or dramatically increasing cardio.

So today i had my first lunch WITHOUT any sugary dressings and guess what?! I ate my lunch and felt completed satisfied, not to mention the taste of REAL mayo and REAL hot sauce (not the sugary crap) was killer! Usually i'd eat, feel full and still have the peckish/cravy urge to snack on something else after. And i think a lot of that may have to do with the 17g of sugar that was in the dressings i was using! They would trigger a massive insulin spike causing me to want even more sugar. I am sure you have experienced that before? You have some chocolate, lollies or something sweet and suddenly you want more and more? That is the sugar playing games with your head and overiding your appeitite control centre.

So perhaps the 'mindless eating' that i have been experiencing is not entirely emotional but partially to do with the truckloads of sugar that has been pumping continuously through my bloodstream?!

Time will tell, but i am very excited about this little discovery of mine and can't wait to see how my body responds over the upcoming weeks! So look out cos the Sexy-Bitch train has taken off again, next station: Destination 4-Pack!


  1. i was just wondering, how tall are you?

  2. Hi babe, thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm 172cm or 5'7" =)

  3. OMG. What was the book you were talking about earlier, cuz me and Amy decided to go as sugar-free as we can....??

  4. Kelly girl, the book's called The Sweet Poison Quit Plan by David Gillespie. He has also written another book called Sweet Poison (which i havent read yet) which tells the story of how he lost 40kg just by cutting out sugar from his diet ;-)

  5. OH goodness... this does say Amy put down the cookie ;) I think I might need to kick it off with a fast or something so the cravings aren't noticed in all the other detox symptoms ;)

  6. LOL!... i reckon thats a good idea girl, i've had two weeks off fasting and to be honest i'm feeling a little gross. I was on conference for work last week and ended up having quite a bit of sugar anyway - damn that dessert! SO i shall be doing a fast after breakfast tomorrow to kick things off again! ;-)