Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Week 5 OBB: Feeling illegal!

Sorry for not posting OBB results yesterday but work has been CHAOTIC!!! You have no idea. The first week of the month fries my brain which makes me want to drive over my F*king phone...twice....just to be sure it won't work anymore. I was too brain dead last night to put a sentence together so you would probably have thought that i was typing in a foreign language lol.

Nothing too spectacular to report on. Its TTOM so i am holding onto a bit of fluid mainly through my legs. I noticed my quad separation beginning to disappear on sunday morning, hopefully should see my lines again by thursday. And yes they feel HEAVIER than normal.....ah the joys of being a woman.

Week 4            24/01/2011
Weight:            63.5kg   (140lbs)

Week 5            31/02/2011
Weight:            63.9kg    (140.9lbs)

Difference:      400g GAIN  (.9lbs)

Difference to Date:   1.3kg LOSS  (2.9lbs)

Goal:                  60kg (132lbs)
Need to Lose:    3.9kg  (8.6lbs) 

Yeah i had a small gain BUT for the first time ever it didn't phase me in the slightest! No crying at all =P. I know its just water and as i have mentioned before, with fasting your body goes through the following pattern: BIG drop; small gain/plateau; BIG drop: small gain/plateau. This week is a small gain week.

Also too, one of the reasons that i believe the gain didn't phase me is because i am feeling pretty damn fine...if i do say so myself! I am 100% confident wearing a tight white lycra singlet without having to wear a body wrap underneath lol. These past 4 weeks i have found a good balance with my training, social life and work and i'm kinda in a happy place right now. I'm still working on the food side of things but have noticed a huge improvement in my choices and attitude towards food. I know by the time we reach mid year i WILL be at my GOAL and rocking it big time with a smile from ear to ear....ok that sounds cheesy haha.

The other big news is that i ran another PB for 6km yesterday - 29:25mins, shaving 20 sec off my previous run last friday WOOT!

And this morning i did Zuzana's Burpee Slaughter workout. I up'd the weights and used a 10kg DB for the first 6 rounds and 12.5kg DB for the final 4 rounds. Boy did i notice a difference (from 8kg DB), it was KILLER! I was seeing stars by round 8 and did my best to NOT see VOMIT too. My time was 23:45mins.

Does anyone use Pre-workout supps? I prefer training on just a coffee and minimal breakfast ( i drink a fibre shake and take a few sipps of my post workout/morning tea smoothie with is really my breakfast/1st meal of day). I was given a few samples of MRI Ripcuts (Aminos, NO, Green Tea ext, Caffeine, Rhoidiola, White Kidney Bean ext, and a billion other things) ages ago which had been collecting dust in my pantry. Because i was quite tired this morning i thought what the hell i'll give one a try and see what affect it would have on my energy levels. (Trust me, you can't finish Burpee Slaughter if you believe you are the tiniest bit tired.)

Holy Shit, within about 5mins i could feel my heart start to race (and i only had half the sachet cos it was quite sweet and i couldn't stomach the rest), lets just say it definitely got me through my workout. In the zone baby! I could have worked out all day lol. My heart was still racing and my hands were still trembling at 3pm. Each to their own but i'm definitely not a fan of thermo's, it felt like I had taken something illegal lol...Back to the coffee tomorrow!

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