Friday, January 21, 2011

Burpee Slaughter (Fu*kin Nightmare) Workout!

Ok guys i have just officially done the HARDEST WORKOUT IN MY LIFE! Wrecked is an understatement. By the end of the workout i was a bright red, sweaty mess about to fall into a coma on the gym floor lol. The 300 Spartan Workout is a piece of cake compared to this!

You can check out Zuzana's Burpee Slaughter Workout here.

It goes something like this:

10 x DB swings + 11 Burpees
10 x DB swings + 12 Burpees
10 x DB swings + 13 Burpees
10 x DB swings + 14 Burpees
10 x DB swings + 15 Burpees
10 x DB swings + 16 Burpees
10 x DB swings + 17 Burpees
10 x DB swings + 18 Burpees
10 x DB swings + 19 Burpees
10 x DB swings + 20 Burpees
.... DIE!

I used an 8kg DB round 1-4, 9kg round 5-7, 10kg round 8-10. Next time i will start with a 10kg DB and work up to maybe a 15kg DB. Seriously compared to the Burpees, DB swings feel like a recovery lol.

All up it took me 22.22mins. The last 3 rounds hurt BIG TIME. I have no idea how she did another 20mins of skipping afterwards! She is NUTS!


  1. LOL, burpees are killer! Have a great weekend!

  2. Hell yeah, especially 155 of them!!!

  3. Ahaha! I hear you! I used a 15k DB the 2nd time, I am pretty sure I saw my ancestors. I can't wait to try the drowning in my sweat one. I have started jumping rope after too, I have been totally f'cked this week energy wise but I am getting smaller! Oh and I didn't skip after this workout LOL I would have died for sure!

  4. Tea- Hahahaha too funny but i know what you mean!!! Skipping kills me but i think i will start incorporating it into my workouts next week. Its all about the calorie burn!