Monday, January 10, 2011

Week 2 OBB: The bloat has GONE!

Hey ya'll happy monday!
I've got a  feeling that today WILL be kickarse! (apart from the RAIN, please F*$K OFF NOW!) You want to know why? Well as you know, today marks Week 2 of OBB and i woke up to some killer results. Last week my nutrition and training was SPOT ON. That is right, i didn't derail from the plan and I even snuck in 2 extra walks!

Week 1:     3/1/2010
Weight:      65.2kg  (143.7lbs)

Week 2:     10/2/10
Weight:      63.7kg!  (140.4lbs)

Difference:  1.5kg Loss  (3.3lbs)

Goal:            60kg  (132.3lbs)
Need to Lose:   3.7kg  (8.1lbs)

So i'm in the 63s again, i feel SO much closer to my goal now! FYI, that will probably be the biggest kg loss of my challenge. Usually the first (big) drop is all the bloat, fluid and toxins disappearing from the body so i'll be going for a 400 - 500g  (1lb) loss a week from now on.

JNL you better watch out! ;-)


  1. Awesome!!! It makes it so much easier to stick to the plan when you feel close to your goal .

    I had that big drop this week too, definitely not expecting to see those results again! I'd be below my goal in 2 weeks (plus it would probably be very little fat)

    I am loving Zuzana so much, thanks for getting me to give her another chance :D

  2. I know! I saw your drop- that was MASSIVE! Isn't it a great feeling to get rid of all that 'christmas crap!" lol. Bikini time soon- you and me girl!

    Zuzana rocks, great to hear you're loving her workouts ;-)

  3. fabulous! im jumping on your wagon!
    still running 5k per day?

  4. Woot go girl! I have to admit that i have fallen out of my running routine the past month or so. I've only been running a couple kms on the tready within some of my gym/boxing workouts but my last long run (8km) was 2 weeks ago! The torrential rain here in brissie isn't helping either lol. Now that i'm doing a lot more Zuzana/high intensity workouts i rather just go for a walk in the arvo ;-)