Thursday, January 20, 2011

The UPS and the DOWNS

Transformations are never a smooth sailing event. Trust me, i have done enough to know lol! For me, its a battle of the mind games in regards to the eating side of things. I've got the training down pat which has always (thankfully) been the one constant in my life. I never get sick of exercising for it is really a lifelong love affair. Training brings me pleasure, pain (the good sort - including busting up my knuckles boxing last night!) and that feeling of being invincible.

I went for my first decent run (6km) on monday night after a 3 week lay-off. I wore my Vibrams outside for the first time and omg I LOVE THEM even more! Because you can only land on your mid foot/toes you just fly in them and want to stride faster and faster. The only problem was after about 3km my feet were getting ultra sweaty and my big toes were beginning to rub on the insole causing blisters to start forming which slowed me down big time. PLUS i ran after dinner so by 7pm it was pitch black and i couldnt see shit! Try running down hills on your toes, in the dark with blisters on your feet lol. So i am about to part with $23 for a PAIR of Injinji toe sock....make that 4 pairs. What crazy person spends nearly $100 on socks!?... But hey i will be blister free and they will prevent me from smelling out my Vibrams too. I throw them in the washing machine twice a week and they still hang onto my foot odour! EWWWW!

Onto food. So early on this week i was really struggling with sugar cravings. I think it was partly to do with having quite a bit of desserty food over the weekend. The more sugar you eat, the more you crave! Period. No i didn't succumb to the whisperings of the Chocolate Fairy BUT i did have my fair share of PB instead. I am teaching myself that when the sudden urge to eat junk arises and i just can't get over it I am far better off opting for something that doesn't contain monsterous quantities of nasty trans/saturated fats and processed sugar. So my options are watermelon and fresh dates for sugar cravings and macadamias and PB for when i want that creamy velvety mouthfeel. I could have also just whipped up some Homemade Protein Bars which would have taken care of my PB portion control... but i had run out of cocoa powder and i was too impatient to wait for them to set lol.

On that note, i'll admit that i was a little upset with myself for 'slipping up' with the food this week. Extras add up very fast and at the end of the day 'YOU ARE ONLY CHEATING ON YOURSELF". So i have just wrote that on a post-it and stuck it on my fridge and laptop...Hmmm maybe i should put one on my car dashboard too!.. But i am proud of myself that i didn't give into any junk food. I can only get mentally stronger from here right!?

Last of all, i found out yesterday that i've missed out on first round offers for uni as my (late) application didn't get processed in time due to the floods. You get the gist why i've had a shitty week! BUT I spoke with QTAC at the crack of dawn first thing this morning and they have reassured me that they have now received all correpsondance (my grades) from highschool and uni which satisfies the entry requirements for Psychology. They will be releasing second round offers on February 10th, so fingers crossed i will get a place!!

Time to stay strong just like Miss cutiepie Jamie Eason!


  1. do you have the normal PB in ur cupboard? cause if you buy the organic one, it tastes better and at least if you have a munch out its good fats..

  2. I buy Sanitarium natural PB - so no added vegetable oil, salt or sugar. But i have never bought Organic before, might just go hunt some down tomorrow babe! :)

  3. Chelle, good for you choosing something healthier, I am trying to do that too. I have been making sludge with Scivation Whey when I really want a cheat, with blueberries! It does have natural pb, but I always weigh it so I don't go over. Its soo good! We just have to grind it out~! Glad all is well with uni now.

  4. Now Tea please let me in on what this 'sludge' is?!

    I think i will start using a measuring spoon when i eat PB now so i'm aware of just how much i'm eating! lol