Friday, January 7, 2011

Focussed and on Track!

TGIF! Well what a crazy week this one has been. I've been back at work since tuesday and it has knocked me for six!

This year i am working on being more organised productive therefore not allowing the little things to stress me out. I have many things to conquer on my to-do list so it all begins with a POSITIVE MINDSET! That's right, no problem or challenge is going to bring me down because i am going to rise above and crush it!

Training and nutrition has been SPOT ON this week and i am PUMPED! I'm feeling strong and my body composition is already starting to change. Yay for clean food and yay that the sugar cravings are finally GONE. Ms Fluid Fairy has just about disappeared so welcome back Ms Vein Fairy, nice to see you again =P.

My fast went well on wednesday, i love how the body tightens up around the 18hr mark. Note to self for next wednesday: Start the fast either at arvo tea or dinner. I do a bodyslam (boxercise) at 5.30pm and eating lunch/starting my fast at 12pm wasn't the smartest move. Slam is a very intense class (we've had a few casualties over the years.... vomit is never a pleasant sight lol) and for me it requires a pre-workout snack to get through it with 150% effort. Just something light like a piece of fruit as i need some CARBS in my system. (PB is not a good idea, i've tasted that in class a few times... GROSS!) With about 20mins to go, i had nothing left in the tank so it took a lot of mental coaxing to get through the million burpees at the end! So i decided best to refuel, eat dinner then fast until dinner last night. Easy done.

This weekend i plan to select my photographer and book a shoot.

Now the above is one pose i really like. Simple. Sexy. Beautiful.


  1. Go chicky! Woot! Sounds like you are on a roll!

    I can SO see you doing that pose babe, and you will look HAWT too! So excited for you! xoxoxo

  2. Thanks K, i've got my eye and mind on the prize!!! xo

  3. I'm a new follower! Sounds like your plan is going to work fabulously for you! You sound like one dedicated lady and that's motivating for me!

  4. Californiadreamin - Hi girl, thanks for dropping by! I'm so pumped right now, BRING IT ON WOOT!...Wishing you a safe and quick delivery ;-)