Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Training and Nutrition Plan

I thought i'd better share with ya'll (and so i remember too lol) exactly how i plan to get my Bikini Babe Body.

The Training Plan:

Monday:        300 Spartan Workout (AM), Walk 45min OR Run 30min (PM)
Tuesday:        Zuzana Workout (AM), Walk 45mins (PM)
Wednesday:   BodySlam (Boxercise) (PM)
Thursday:       Rest Day or Walk 45mins (PM)
Friday:           Full Body Weights Workout (AM), Run 45mins (PM)
Saturday:       BodySlam (Boxercise) (AM)
Sunday:         Zuzana Workout (AM) OR Body Balance (PM)
I'm going to stick with that for the next 4 weeks. I'm not going to make the mistake of previous years and kill myself with overtraining BECAUSE i know that you CAN'T OUT TRAIN A BAD DIET!

The Nutrition Plan

The most important part of this plan is that the after dinner snacking comes to a dead halt because lets face it - take away all those mindless calories and wallah there's your calorie deficit! Therefore i have decided to eat dinner early (5.30pm to 6.30pm) and THEN go for evening walk/cardio.  This way i can can clean my teeth (i mean who feels like snacking when your mouth taste like mint?), do my cardio and go to bed on an empty stomach. Its actually quite a nice feeling not being full to the brim then falling asleep!.... And no i couldn't give a damn about 'nutrition rules' ;-)

Now the following is what WORKS FOR ME:

On Rising:   Lemon Juice and Apple Cider Vinegar
Breakfast:   Fiber Shake, Coffee  ( can you tell i'm NOT a breakfast person!)
M/Tea:       Banana SuperShake (I'm trialing some Choc Pea Protein Pwd atm, and it's really good!)
Lunch:        Chickpeas/Eggs/Tuna with Brown Rice and a massive Colourful Salad
A/Tea:        Coffee and fruit/nuts/carrots/PB IF HUNGRY
Dinner:        Fish/Meat/Eggs/Seafood/Chickpeas with a massive amount of salad/vegies and avo/olive oil/nuts

I am also going to do 1 -2 x 24hr fasts a week, probably on a wednesday to thursday and a saturday to sunday lunch to lunch.

As for 'treat meals', i will be having a few a week. I don't want to become anally obsessive about food and calories ever again so i sure won't be beating myself up if i have a block some chocolate...... just got to watch the portion size lol

I will be limiting my dairy, wheat and sugar intake to treat meals only as i know for me those 3 cause fluid retention, runny nose, bloating and bad skin!

So there you have it! Bikini Babe here i come WOOT!


  1. sounds good babe!! so much easier to do some cardio at night after dinner . . i find i'm not at all hungry after that . . more tired . . head straight to bed . . sounds like you know your body and what's going on with it so let us know how you're travelling along !! MWAH xoxoxo

  2. I did the Zuzana Suicide Sweat Workout today, KILLED ME! I LOVE it :D

  3. Treat meals are a great pressure relief valve. Without them, it's very hard to stick to a plan for 12 weeks. I'm sure you know this already, by looking at your awesome progress pics.
    Happy New Year

  4. Thanks for sharing - look forward to seeing how it works for you!

  5. Mel - Me too! I'm rarely hungry after a cardio sesh so i figure there is no point fueling the body when it doesn't want any fuel! xo

    Katie - go girl! Aren't her workouts da bomb? And there are so many crazy ones to choose from!

    Chad- thanks for dropping by! I hear ya, i go totally crazy the moment i tell myself 'i'm not allowed to eat 'food x'. Then all i end up thinking about is the treat foods that i want to eat and end up binging on them once they are 'allowed back'! So its all about balance now ;-)

    Thanks Charlotte! Glad to had a fantastic holiday too ;-)

  6. chelle, love your plan!! Thanks for sharing, always really motivating to see what everyone is doing. You are going to kill it, go bikini bod babe Chelle!!!!! Be cheering you on x

  7. Thanks babe! I feel it's very realistic and one that will keep my cravings at babe but still give me that smokin bikini bod! xo