Monday, January 24, 2011

Week 4 OBB: Back in the game!

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Mine was quite the social one! Friday night was sushi dinner with my highschool girlfriends followed by Burlesque at the Bulimba cinemas (gotta love $8.50 movie tickets).

I heart Christina Aguilera (even though her acting wasn't the greatest) Her voice gives me goosebumps. I saw her perform live in brisvegas back in 2008 for her Back to Basic tour. Words can't describe what an amazing performer she is. (There was definitely no lip-sincing happening Britney style). I will be sure to buy a ticket next time she is in town again.

On Saturday night i had a blast at Steph and Ali's engagement party. They are such a gorgeous couple and Steph is an AMAZING cook. Dinner/dessert was definitely one of my treat meals for the week ;-)

Training wise, i ran a PB for 6km on friday arvo - 29.47mins. I broke 30mins for the first time!!! I boxed/kickboxed on saturday and did body balance yesterday. I'm really digging that class. It was my 3rd one and my flexibility and core strength has improved heaps already.

OK, results time! I wasn't quite sure what to expect this morning seeing that i had slipped up (overate) Mon -Wed last week. But the fasting has taken care of the calorie deficit and so has some really hardcore training sessions!

17/01/2011        Week 3
Weight:             64.1kg  (141.3lbs)
24/01/2011        Week 4
Weight:             63.5kg  (140lbs)

Difference:        600g LOSS   (1.3lbs)
Difference to Date:   1.7kg    (3.7lbs)

Goal:                 60kg (132lbs)
Need to Lose:   3.5kg (7.7lb)

Yay, so back in the 63s! Won't be long till i welcome in the 62s which is when my confidence factor really takes a boost. Hmmm maybe next week?!

The Plan for this week: Stay POSITIVE, eat to PLAN, train like an animal and get 2 x runs in.

Gotta fly!


  1. Well done on the loss. Have a good week!

  2. Go Chelle! Good you being consistant and getting results. Keep up the awesome work x

  3. Thanks girls!!! I'm so pumped right now!!