Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Sexy New Print!

Well i have been a non-procrastinater ultra productive today: laundry check; groceries check; vacuuming check; mopping check; cleaning check (all of my FAVOURITE things......NOT!) .... where's that damn Cleaning Fairy!?

BUT i also treated myself to a sexy new print. Actually mum (ex-hemorrhoid) bought it for me which was a nice surprise. Its my present for Chinese New Year. She even pulled out her bargaining skills and scored it for $164 instead of $189!

I then had to call dad to come over to help me solve my dilemma... How the hell was i suppose to hang it? So after 30mins of measuring (i haven't done so much maths since high school lol), hammering, screwing and tying things, here is the piece de resistance in my lounge room:

I think its sexy hot.

Well i'm off to Body Balance then its a date with The Biggest Loser tonight. Love that show!

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