Monday, January 17, 2011

Week 3 OBB: A little SHITTY!

Oh boy did i have my shitty pants on today.... no there wasn't any poo involved lol.

As you know it is monday which means weigh-in day. I knew the moment i woke up that i was holding fluid... big time.... my own fault for eating dairy and sugar over the weekend, damn it! (But hey that's life and i accept the consequences for my treat meals. I am over it now :) I just have to remind myself that Ms Fluid Fairy will FUCK OFF in the next day or two and i'll be feeling like my lean/svelte self again!

Week 2:      10/1/2011
Weight:       63.7kg  (140.4lbs)

Week 3:      17/1/2011
Weight:       64.1kg    (141.3lbs)

Difference:  400g   (0.9lbs) GAIN.... yeah shoot me now
Difference to Date:  1.1kg   (2.4lbs) LOSS

Goal:    60kg  (132.3lbs)
Need to Lose:   4.1kg  (9lbs)

To be honest i wasn't expecting much of a loss this week considering i had dropped 1.5kg  (3.3lbs)  last week (definitely not all FAT!). Looking back at my results from last year there is definitely a pattern with weight-loss from fasting. It goes like this: Big Drop - plateau OR small gain (like this week) - Big Drop - plateau OR small gain and so forth. So if all goes to plan i should see low to mid 63s next week. So 1.1kg (2.4lbs) in 2 weeks is pretty much 550g/week (1.2lbs) if you look at it like that. Right on schedule!

Well I'm off to cook up some salmon for din dins and then i am going to hit the streets for a RUN! Its been waaaaaaay too long since i have pounded the pavement ( i blame the rain :D). After reading a few running blogs this arvo, Ms Running Fairy paid me a visit and blew me some fairy dust!


  1. Hey Chelle, frustrating but at least you know to expect a drop next time!

  2. I know, i'm being vey careful to not go overboard with the sugar this week!

  3. We are too similar, I was up a bit too yesterday, already coming off though :D

  4. Are you still doing ESE babe??

  5. Yeah my name is Amy and I have sugar in my coffee again. Darn it. Please send me running fairy dust ;)

  6. Amy - I'm blowing some over the Pacific right now!!.... I still have 1 teaspoon of raw sugar in my coffee (2x coffee/day), i figure i should be more concerned about the tablespoons of PB i consume lol