Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Flood Devastation

For those of you around the world may not be aware of the natural disaster that has been unfolding in my hometown of Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, Australia (and many neighbouring cities and suburbs) this week.

After weeks of torrential rain our dam which was suppose to protect the city became something like 190% over capacitated! The water has since burst its banks and now we have been hit by one of the worst floods in Australian history. On Wednesday the city began an emergency evacuation as the Brisbane river began to dangerously rise.

Since then we have been hit with an inland tsunami, 13 lives have been lost, there are 72 people missing, 7500+ homes are now underwater, 110 000 homes and businesses are now without power and 13 districts have been declared a disaster zone. The water has been raging down the Brisbane river at 10 knots (that means fuckin fast!.. i believe it usually cruises at 2-3knots) which has peaked at 4.5m, taking boats, pontoons, a floating pedestrian bridge and even Drift Floating restaurant with it! (below)

Drift restaurant at Auchenflower. <EM>Photo: Anna Robbie</EM>

Flooding seen from Kangaroo Point. Photo: Theon Gray

Flooding in Nash St, Rosalie, on January 12 in this photo taken by a reader.

Suncorp Stadium is submerged as flood waters inundate Brisbane on January 12. Photo: AFP/Torsten Blackwood

Above is Suncorp Stadium where i saw U2 last month!

So as you can imagine the city is in total devastation. There are 25 helicopters perfoming emergency rescues, there is a possiblity that Brisbane water will be contaminated with sewerage and supermarkets are nearly out of produce! To put things into perspective, 75% of the state has now been affected by the floods which is the area of FRANCE and GERMANY combined!

On a positive note, the sun has been out since yesterday and i believe the worst is now over. It will still take over a week for all the water to subside and then for the massive clean up. I live about 20km south of the city so fortunately my unit is high and dry.

Floods aside, Week 2 of OBB has been killer. Both training and nutrition has been SPOT ON! And yes i have braved the weather and gone for my walk after dinner both monday and tuesday night. I am totally committed to OBB! 5 hours until i come off my fast and my body is feeling amazing! It's changing and tightening up by the day, my skin is getting its glow back and i am just bounding with energy!!

Can't wait for weigh in day on Monday!!!


  1. :( I had heard about the flooding, but I didn't know how bad it was. I'm glad your safe though and that the worst is over.

    Congrats on keeping on plan, I was off a little the past two days with my best friend staying over, but still going strong : )

  2. Thanks Katie, it's been such a sad week but the Aussies are a tough bunch and we're going to fight back! :)

  3. my family live in brisbane and have been evacuated from their home, your lucky. its so wierd how most of the year aussie is in drought, and now its gone ott with the water.

  4. Sorry to hear that babe, hope they are ok. Aus is definitely the land of extremes, you never know what to expect!