Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ex-Hemorrhoid gives me a kodak moment!

Hey kidz, hope you're having a fab weekend! Well i've been on a HIGH since the get-go this morning. It all started with a killer BodySlam class, we did a hell lot of boxing, kicking, jumping and ended with 2 x treadmill sprints. I ran between 12 to 15kph and pumped out 750m in 3.40mins and then 800m in 3.35mins. It was the first bit of speed work i have done in my Vibrams and i tell you what, i was flying! I love 'em and have no intentions of EVER going back to 'normal running shoes'.

From there i saw GA for a bone massage. Seriously, I swear she gets pleasure from me cursing her at high volumes lol... Beauty is pain, so i remind myself!

From there i decided to drop by mum and dads house for a quick gassbag. Mum provided me with my 'treat meal' for the week..... 2 white and 2 dark Lindor Balls...YUM! They were gooooood. My nutrition has been spot on all week and to be honest, i haven't even craved anything 'naughty'. Must be the strong mindset i've got going on!

I also decided it was time to tell mum about my thoughts of doing another degree and find out if they will help me pay for it UP FRONT! You see, uni's LOVE to rip you off so if you pay up front you save 20% which equates to $1060.80! Now that money is better off going towards my Mortage Club ;-).

Now FYI, in the PAST my mum (ex-hemorrhoid) has just about always shot me down at anything that I wanted to do/achieve. She never failed to tell me that my pursuits were a 'waste of time' or that i was 'wasting my life away'. Some of those 'waste of time' pursuits included:

7 x Queensland Indoor Soccer Teams
1 x Australian Junior Indoor Soccer Team (that i captained in Europe!)
Bachelor of Nutrition Science
Cert III & 4 in Fitness

I could go on but you get my drift...

So this is how the conversation went this arvo:

Mum - So what are you up to this weekend?
Me - Well i'm going to apply for another degree.
Mum - What one?
Me - Psychology
Mum - Wow, thats a fantastic idea!
Me - Fell off my stool!........Just kidding, but i did have to pick up my jaw from the floor below! Total kodak moment, i looked like a stunned mullet.
Me - You think so?
Mum - It would go perfectly with your nutrition........ Fat people have emotional problems.

That's my mother, blunt as always lol.

It was such a nice feeling to have her support me in something that is important to me. So i decided to race back home to apply for the degree and not procrastinate any longer. So i logged onto QTAC to submit my app and the first thing i read was 'Please note that the final date for applications has been extended to Sunday 9th January'. OMFG, thats tomorrow! The girl at the uni student centre had told me Feb 11th and that the app fee would be $55! Ummm, make that $110! So in a rush of panic adrenalin i raced back to mum and dads to pick up my academic transcripts for Year 12 and Uni.....Nowhere to be found! SHIT!.... Then i remembered i had brought them back to my house last week lol.

Anyways i finally submitted my application. Fingers crossed i'm not too late and get in for a March (Semester 1) start, if not, preference two is for a July (Semester 2) start. So "Dear Universe, please bless me with good news on thursday, love chelle =)"

... betcha thought my day had ended?! Well i was so pumped that i decided to go for a nice walk in the fresh night air to unwind. Plus my legs have DOMS big time so i thought it'd be a good idea to stretch them out. Thank god i brought my umbrella because half way through it pissed down. Go figure.

Well time for a shower then a date with my girl crush....

Angelina Jolie.....My sis gave me a copy of Salt to borrow.



  1. Awesome Chelle - I will cross my fingers you get in :) Love your work!