Sunday, January 16, 2011

Motivation vs Inspiration

I've been asked quite a few times this week exactly what motivates me to 'stick to the plan and stay so mentally strong'.

I'd be lying if i told you that i was perfect everyday. I am far from that, i am only HUMAN but i do my best to be the best person i can be everyday. I have a saying 'Motivation is temporary. It can lift you up but it doesn't have the follow through to change your life. Inspiration fills you from the inside every single day.'

Motivation tends to come 'in the moment' and is dependent on our emotions.

For example, take these two different scenarios:
1. I've had a fantastic day, i've eaten to plan, i'm now energised and motivated to do a smashing workout.
2. I've had a stressful day, my brain is fried, i feel tired, i'm craving sugar so i eat a chocolate bar. My energy crashes so i choose to have a nap instead of working out.

That is why relying purely on 'motivation'' to lose weight doesn't work in the long term. You get all fired up in the moment, but then something comes up and everything unravels. Motivation alone doesn't create behaviour change.

Inspiration works on a deeper level and comes from the bottom of your soul. I have this desire to be strong, ultra fit, healthy, knowledgable and to be the best person i can be. I want to wake every morning and feel happy, positive, energized and look smoking hot every single day. (no more of this weight-loss shit! lol) I want to be a role model so i can help teach and inspire others who are struggling (physically and emotionally) like i was before. All these reasons combined are what inspires me to respect my body and 'stick to the plan'. That means that 90% of the time i choose the healthier food options and i do my scheduled workouts. I am committed to my LIFETIME goal/s. If you eat shit and sit on your arse all day you are only punishing yourself!!

So ask yourself, 'what are your goals AND when is the DEADLINE to achieve them'? You need a realistic timeline otherwise trust me you will just tell yourself to 'start again tomorrow'. Ask yourself, 'how will i feel after achieving these goals?" Then feel that feeling like it has already happened. Capture yourself in the moment then practice living with this feeling 24/7. Transformations begin with the mind. Change your attitude and your body will follow. You can't keep punishing yourself with negative self talk and expect to acheive amazing results. Fill your mind with light and love and realise that you are going to slip up from time to time. BUT learn from your mistakes and the next time you experience a similar situation you will know how to handle it better.

This week my training has been at 100%. I've committed to some intense sessions and i feel amazing for it. My nutrition has been pretty good too -85-90%. My plan allows for 2-3 treat meals/per week. Last week i only had one, this week i opted for all 3 lifelines lol. Friday night I went out for dinner with the family and had some Peking Duck, Sizzling Mongolian lamb and Asian Greens. The food was amazing and i didn't pig-out overeat but i did get a little bloated from the wheat in the pancake (the duck is cut in small pieces so you can wrap it up with spring onion and cucumber in a thin pancake). We then had dessert back at mum and dads -a small bowl of double choc ice cream and some Lindor Balls. After such a big sugar hit i felt a bit blah going to bed on a full tummy considering i am getting accustomed to eating dinner by 6pm'ish!

For that reason i felt a bit sluggish saturday morning and it took me about 10mins to get into my groove at bodyslam. But i dug deep and ended up having a killer class. Intensity is all in the mind. If you tell yourself to give up you will. If you tell yourself you are a strong warrior you will smash your male training partner and have him begging for mercy lol ;-)

Treat no.3 for the week was some caramel slice. It tasted great, i got my fix and i didn't feel guilty either as it was allowed in my plan. There is no way i am going to commit to a 100% clean diet. Sorry but that would just be setting me up for FAILURE. I don't need to be a sobbering mess overcome with guilt just because i eat something sweet. I am informed enough to know that enjoying a few of lifes' simple pleasures isn't going to ruin an entire weeks worth of training. I am now successfully fasting twice a week and know that my weekly calorie deficit is being taken care of. I am finally beginning to understand exactly how MY body works so i am putting trust in MY PLAN and expecting great RESULTS to follow!