Friday, January 28, 2011

TGIF and Harder than Ever Workout


Yay for the weekend! I really shouldn't complain because this week has been reasonably cruisy, especially only being 4 days long. The (work) chaos will begin again next week, being the start of a new month. I had my annual appraisal today for work passing with flying colours which went very well. ;-)

I'm just about to down coffee no.......4!(usually i only have 2 but today is just one of those days) and wait for my arvo tea to digest so i can hit the hills for a run. I prefer to run after 5.33pm when it is slightly cooler. As much as i enjoy sweating it out I would be very embarrassed if people thought i actually swam in the local creek during my run!

This morning i did Zuzana's Harder than Ever Workout. I tweaked it a bit as i haven't bought an interval timer yet so instead of doing a time trial i did set reps and just to be a total bad a$$ i did 2 rounds!

                                                      Round 1   Round  2
Chins (underhand grip/unassisted)        5             5
Prisoner Jump Squats                          20           30
Mountain Climbers                              60           80
Clapping Push Ups (knees)                 20           20
Jump Lunge                                        20           30
Bicycle Abs                                        50           70
Tricep Dips (feet on bench)                 15           20
Forward/Backward Jump Lunge L      20           20       
Forward/Backward Jump Lunge R      20           20  
Side Crunch L                                     20           20
Side Crunch R                                     20           20
Burpees                                               15           20  

I took the first round a little easy so i thought i had better step it up for round 2! It took me about 28mins all up and I finished on another shattered HIGH ;-)

Last of all i only ended up fasting 12hrs yesterday (Breakfast to Dinner). The plan was to fast until this morning but i just wasn't mentally up for it. I think it had to do with my big night out. I didn't eat dinner on tuesday night and missed a meal on wednesday (was sleeping). So combine that with the 2000 + calories i  burnt off dancing tuesday night made me a little tired, grumpy and hungry on thursday. Not the right attitude for fasting and it was probably a sign that my body needed some nutrients pronto! I will be doing my fast on sunday.

Well hope you all have a fabulous weekend. I'm going to breakfast with a girlfriend after boxing tomorrow
and that's all that is planned so far!

CIAO ;-)


  1. Way to go Chelle! Congrats on your review as well :) I need to get a timer too. I did the sexy legs workout this morning. I swear these workouts are going to save my ass during this move! This heat is so hard to move in, I am so glad our new place is air conditioned!

  2. Thanks Tea!... I just checked out the sexy legs workout - OMG so much SKIPPING lol. Yay for air-con! My unit is quite cool, i actually haven't had to turn on my air-con yet!

  3. I did that workout for two rounds as well, deadly :D Since I do them all at home I usually use a computer interval timer.

    and I agree, I haven't been fasting lately, but when I was if I wasn't feeling a fast that day I would move it to another day. Flexibility is good :)

  4. Nice work babe! ... Yeah i love the flexibility with the fasting too opposed to strict DIETING!

  5. Hey Chelle, I got my timer from Myopure:
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  6. Awesome thanks for that! Have a fab weekend too ;-)