Monday, January 3, 2011

Operation Bikini Babe (OBB) Week 1!

Well today marks the start of my NEW CHALLENGE - OPERATION BIKINI BABE.

I think the title is a perfect suit. My eternal long term goal is to be in bikini babe condition 24/7 so that i can train in a crop top at the gym without watching the fat jiggle lol.

OBB will go for 12 weeks in which i will weigh in every Monday morning. I also plan to get my fat pinched skins done once a month because we all know that scale weight isn't the most accurate indicator of progress!

I was a little nervous about hopping on the scales this morning as i hadn't weighed myself in ages but i was also excited because now i have a starting point. In my head i was hoping for about 64kg but ALL the dessert/choc/icecream i have consumed this festive season (which started in NOVEMBER- hello holidays!) i am now sitting here:

3/1/11 - Week 1
Weight:  65.2kg  (143.7lbs)

...which i am ok with (no i didnt burst into tears this morning lol). I know the first couple kgs will come off pretty easily- its usually made up of a LOT of fluid, bloat and toxins. And now that my sugar cravings have FINALLY subsided (today is day 4 sugar free), eating healthy is a hell lot easier!

GOALS for the next 12 weeks are as follow:

- 60kg  (132lbs) which means i need to Drop 5.2kg (11.5lbs)
- 12% Body Fat (I reckon i'm about 16/17% atm)
- 50 -55ml Body Fat

I know at 63kg i feel pretty damn good so once i get there i will treat myself to a little shopping spree at Lorna Jane. I still have $220 worth of vouchers that i haven't used since my birthday, so that will be my first checkpoint.

My dad has also set me a pushup challenge.....ummm 130 on my toes! That's the number he does every morning and he is 69. I can pump out 50 on my toes atm, not quite sure how long it will take me to get up to 130 BUT i am determined to get there by the end of OBB!

So what are your goals for 2011? I would love to know and feel free to join me on your own OBB!

I'm working towards this look:

Zuzana's got it going on and her workouts are 100% killer. Yes i am HOOKED!


  1. Hi Chelle!

    We have similiar goals! I was 147 before Christmas, I am still bloated and am not stepping on the scale for a week LOL. My goal is to look good in my competition bikini in the next 100 days (My 100 Day Challenge). I have a photo session scheduled for April 16 with my husband too. I am thinking I need to get down to 54k or about 118 lb.
    Heres to hitting our goals! I love Zuzanas physique too! Today I am doing that lunge kick workout as well, I'll post up all I did on my blog :) Have a great day!

  2. 100 day challenge i love it, you'll rock it babe! If you don't mind me asking how tall are you?? And who is doing you photo shoot? I'm still in the process of selecting a photographer. Will add your blog to my reader now so i can follow your progress WOOT!

  3. Flick me a message on FB, I have used two photographers up here with great success.

  4. Hey Spice Girl! I'm in it to win glad that I've jumpstarted with one full-official week down already- and I can SEE results big time. I was at my parents' house tonight for a dinner and didn't take one bite of anything I shouldn't be eating....and there was a TON of amazing desserts and mashed potatoes and's all about that tiny orange bikini and a photoshoot for me as well. No more putting it off!! WOOOOOOOTTTTT!!

  5. geebus...great motivation there! here's to reaching our goals in 2011 :)

  6. Kudos to you Kellygirl! That is some awesome willpower you got going on. Care to send some across the Pacific!!!

    You're on Steph, we're gonna crush it!

  7. awesome babe!! can't wait to see your progress

  8. LOVE it!!

    I'm gonna start doing weekly weigh-ins again too, and I need to get my bf% tested! Right now I'm 125 (5'4"), My goal is 116 ish (maybe 110 if I reach my first goal and want to push further?) and FIT by memorial day (5/30) wknd (when I start working at the beach!)

    I've got about 21 weeks/ 150 days THAT should be enough to get me to Sexy Biatch Bikini Babe Status :D

    I'm gonna start doing Zuzana workouts too, someone recommended them to me a while ago, but you sold me on them ;)

    Alright sorry about the post on you post :D I'm just excited for both of us!! and everyone else tooo!

  9. Thanks Mel!!! Me too!

    Katie - Thanks for sharing your goals! Look forward to following your progress too. Sounds like we've got roughly the same amount of weight to lose- 21 weeks you will totally be a Sexy Biatch Bikini Babe woot!