Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kaskade and Australia Day!

Mondayitis on a thursday arghhhhhh! Yep thats what happens when you get a public holiday (Australia Day) on hump day!

The last couple days has been so much fun. On tuesday night, Kristin and I headed out to The Met to see DJ Kaskade spin his decks. This is the type of club that requires FLAT SHOES and NO HANDBAGS. You can't carve up the dancefloor (for hours!) effectively if your feet are sore from 4inch heels. Holding a handbag just gives you the shits. Pockets all the way baby! Poor K's shoes broke after the first 5mins so her feet became best friends with rubber bands. Sexy ;-)

The music was wicked, I had such a blast. By 3.30am (thats 4.5hrs of non-stop dancing) my energiser batteries lossed charge so i decided to call it a night morning and headed home to crash. No alcohol touched my lips either!

Sorry no full length photo. I decided not to bring my camera at the last minute as it made my shorts look like I had a massive growth on my groin lol.

I woke up about 9ish and decided to head to the gym for body balance. It was a tough class but it gave my body a great stretch out after caning it all night lol. I ended up sleeping for the rest of the arvo then headed to GA's house for an Australia Day Dinner. We had Chicken Rendang Pineapple Curry, Roast Duck, Salad and Blackforest Cake for dessert. Not your typical Aussie Day meal but it was delicious none the less!


  1. Girl - I now know how you get your cardio in - it's all that DANCING! woo hoo - it must be working because your runs are crazy fast!

  2. LOL, i think its the other way around! My runs and current level of fitness allowed me to dance that long!!! I couldn't do it every week anymore though - not a spring chicken like my uni days hee hee xo

  3. Thanks babe, right back at ya!!!