Monday, May 3, 2010

OSB #2 Week 3 Results

Its Week 3 already! Geez with all these awesome long weekends we are now in MAY eeekk! Where is this year going?!

I fasted a little differently over the weekend. I have been fasting breakfast to breakfast BUT because i had a lunch date with Miss Leisl and Miss Kristin (so lovely to meet you K!), i had to re-arrange my food times. So lunch to lunch it was. OMG, SO much easier! I had only one tummy grumble at 7am sunday morning which lasted for all of 1min. Now i rarely do fasted morning cardio but i had no choice yesterday, so off i went for an 1 hour walk in the beautiful sunshine. It took me about 5 mins to get going, as i just had to tell myself, 'today Chelle, there are only fat stores to use for energy" and once that i was planted into my mind, the rest of the walk was brilliant!

Onto results....
Now i have read  ESE a number of times now and I'm aware that the weight-loss will be a combination of fat and water. (no muscle is lossed due to high Growth Hormone Levels that naturally occurs during a fasted state). Also too, when Insulin levels are at an all time low (in a fasted state, especially at the 18-24hr mark), excess body water is released. (Insulin causes the body to store water). So according to this, if i weigh in straight after a 24 hour fast, my body will be at its lightest.

That is exactly what i did last monday morning (fasted sunday breakfast to monday breakfast). So over the course of the day and week as you consume food (and salt!), some excess body water will be re-gained to a certain degree. And because i had lossed a huge amount (2.3kg) it obviously couldn't have been ALL fat.

Knowing this, today's results indicate my 'actual' weight rather than my non-permanent 'fasted weight'. As i started eating at lunch yesterday meant that there were 3 meals in my stomach rather than zero.

26/4/2010 Week 2
Weight: 64.9kg

3/5/2010 Week 3
Weight: 65.2kg

Difference: 300g gain

Difference to date: 2kg Loss

Now i know what you are thinking, that is a "GAIN' this week, OMG.... but results provide feedback!

Read on...
The 300g gain suggests to me that i  now have a REAL baseline result for where my body is at. The previous weigh in was after a complete 24hr fast. Therefore i can probably assume that 1. i had lossed quite a lot of excess water during the final stages of my fast and 2. there was absolutely no food in my body thus giving me a huge loss. Had i weighed in after 3 meals as i did today, i would assume that my 'actual' weight last monday may have been around 66kg. (Remember my weight the week before was 67.2kg). Therefore i have probably lossed 600 to 800g this week. So i will make sure from now on that i do weigh in with at least a couple of meals in my system to give myself a more accurate day to day result. Make sense??? And James will finally be doing my skins tomorrow morning, yay. And you know what? I believe i am now ready to wear my WHITE shorty gym shorts, woot!

Its weird, but sometimes l feel like i'm in the defensive talking about ESE. I think it is because this concept is so left of field from the norm that i feel like i have to fight for my point of view. Silly i know. But what i will say is that i am here to provide an honest insight into fasting. (Disclaimer: I am NOT getting paid to blog about ESE) So i will be sharing with you my entire journey: the good, the bad and the ugly! But from what i have experienced so far, there has been no downside.

On a final note, Electric Line Trimmers (small whipper snippers) are a BITCH to use! Not only are they so damn heavy and not counter-balanced properly BUT my entire courtyard is full of fuckin grass clippings! They were flying everywhere! So much for a 2min mow ( the Bunnings guy totally told me a porky lol), it took me forever to cut the grass, then clean the damn place up. I am now having second thoughts about paving some of my 2 x 3m2 lawn!

Ok final final note. To all of my asian fans out there, could you please (pretty please with sugar on top!) comment in English, if possible? I can't read Mandarin/Cantonese and have to keep asking friends to translate your comments lol


  1. I don't think you need to be defensive. What you're trying to do is lose weight/body fat, correct? If you look at your plan on a weekly basis, sounds like you'll get your deficit by 2 days a week of fasting, versus restricting your calories more evenly. There's no evidence to suggest one way is better than another, it is what works for the individual. Remember always that your % BF and weight and how you manage this is strictly your own business. Some days I eat more than six times, other days I'll eat three squares - doesn't make much if any difference in the long run..

    The litmus test is to see whether you're still embracing this way of eating in six to twelve months time - only then will you be sure you're onto a winner

    Liz N

  2. Awesome, thanks for your feedback Liz, saying it like that puts it all into perspective =)

  3. So nice to meet you too chicky babe! Thanks for meeting us!

    Interesting to read and hear about your results! I hope it all keeps working for you.