Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sometimes we need to experience Rockbottom to refocus...

Ok, well i haven't hit rock-bottom, not even close to that BUT emotionally i have had a bi-atch of a week. TTOM, sugar/fat cravings, fluid retention, that 'fat' feeling and what does that all equate to? HEAD GAMES!

For the past two weeks i have been a little cocky (because i am in smokin shape due to great results from ESE!) and have allowed myself to eat get away with a little too much PB and 85% lindt after dinner. The extra cals haven't affected my results but that's not the point. Going back for seconds and thirds is the beginning of 'out of control'/ mindless eating....and you know what that leads to?.... BINGING.

Episode #1. Monday, attack of the Gluten & Dairy Free Melting Moments... WTF? I never eat that stuff!
Episode #2. Today, attack of the White Choc Tim Tams (No, i didnt eat all of them =)!, oh and PB too, go figure!

For fucks sake, my head has been in a whirl wind. That internal battle of should I? Shouldn't I?

The aftermath.... Well it just wasn't worth it. Upset stomach and sugar coma syndrome!
I had all these ideas conjured up in my little mind that it would taste sooooo good, but at the end of the day processed food just tastes like SHIT!

So i am now gulping down apple cider vinegar, green tea, lemon juice, spirulina and some probiotics to help me digest and clear the crap from my body asap!

In the midst of my sugar coma i realised that i have totally lost focus lately. My training has been solid BUT my motivation in regards to my goal of 60ml has been slipping. Yeah i wanna get there but i guess cos i dont have a definite time-line i've just been cruising along in the left lane hence the reason extras are just finding their way into my mouth. ESE is teaching me to develop a good relationship with all foods so i am ok with a treat here and there but the binging and excess PB has gotta stop! Just cos i fast does NOT mean i can do the latter!.. And there is NO WAY i will be strutting my stuff on stage until binging is a habit of the past.

So with that out in the open i believe that a time-line is ESSENTIAL for staying on track.

Monday 26 JULY is D-Day... 8 weeks to drop 21.6ml!

One thing that i will do (from tomorrow) is start taking my Fish oils again. I swear i posted about doing so months ago but ummmm.. my bottles still weighs the same lol...I think all these fat cravings are my bodys' way of telling me that it needs more essential fatty acids. I'm seeing my chiro next week so i will definitely ask him for his expert opinion what all of these fat cravings are related to!

So till them its full steam ahead.
My head space is all about feeling:

60ml baby, bring it on!


  1. hey chelle! are you doing a show July 26th or whats the day girl!!!?? and i also notice bloggers from australia do this 60ml ? how do you those measeurements read about such number on so many sites? how much applecider vingar do you drink how often and does it help with the fat loss?

  2. Nope, just a goal date to get to my ideal body. 60ml for me will prob be around 13% body fat. Does Kim measure your skinfolds? Its the most accurate way to track your progress rather than scale weight. He should measure 7 sites. Each pinch equates to a number of ml, add up the 7 sites and you'll find out your total skinfolds.

    I usually have 1 tbsp of ACV on rising every morning. Its a good digestive tonic and stimulates the liver to help break down fat. But if i have a heavy/cheat meal or feel bloated etc i'll have more.

  3. u can do it chellie, time to refocus on your goal. its easy to get complacent when you already look smokin hot hehe! meanwhile you've just alerted me to the fact that in 8 weeks i'll be 25.. eeek!