Monday, May 17, 2010

OSB #2 Week 5... Checking in!

Hey ya'll hope you had a fab weekend!

Mine consisted of slam class, followed by yum cha (again!) with the parents. Dad just got back last tuesday from his trip to Japan. He spent 5 weeks backpacking, filming a doco on the history of martial arts. Check out what he brought me back!

That my friends is a Samurai Sword, pretty cool huh!

They both then came over for coffee and helped me position my HOT new rug in the lounge room:

Deep Red is my new feature colour.... i LOVE it!

I also had a massage, went for a big walk around my burb, picked up my bedside table and had coffee with a girlfriend.

Onto results:

I did 2 fasts' last week. Breakfast to breakfast on thurs/fri and lunch to lunch sat/sun. I have to say it is definitely getting easier the more i do (have done 8 now). My body seems to know what is going on now so hunger really isn't an issue and the results are still coming! I've been getting a lot of compliments lately of how my body is looking and that my skin is glowing, and i have to say it is such a nice feeling when someone gives one without me mentioning a thing.

I've also been asked quite a bit of late if i'll be competing this year. The answer is ............... NO!

To date, i now have 6 friends whom are giving ESE a shot (disclaimer: i'm not getting paid to talk about ESE) because of my results so far. I know ESE is not for everyone (so i hope it doesn't sound like i am preaching!), there are plenty of ways of getting fantastic results but ESE is definitely working well for me.

11/5/2010   Week 4
Weight:   64.4kg

17/5/2010   Week 5
Weight:   64.1kg

Difference: -300g
Difference to Date: 3.1kg Loss

So not as big as the last few weeks, but hey a loss is a loss. It's not all about pulling big numbers (i have NO intention of losing any muscle mass, just FAT baby), just as long as the clothes are getting looser and i am feeling HOTTER! lol... That sexy six-pack is not far off saying peek-a-boo =)

It'll be interesting to see if a plateau will occur. I'll be keeping up my twice a week fast till i get to my ideal physique, only then will i cut it back to one a day. My nutrition is still pretty clean on non- fast days, but i do treat myself to a square of 85% Lindt and some crunchy PB most nights. And i am definitely enjoying my treat meals with NO GUILT woohoo!

Well gotta fly and hit the streets for a stroll in the COLD! Is it just me or is it bloody freezing for May? I really do not appreciate wearing tracksuits and ugg boots at any time of the year, let alone now!



  1. Sorry I couldn't read anything past backpacking Japan filming a doco about the history of martial arts... Your old man is a legend! lol. That would be an awesome holiday :S

  2. Yeah dad is pretty cool lol... he's in pretty good nick for a 69 year old!

  3. Wow, nice sword and rug!!!! I love red too. Nice work on your stats for the week, as long as you are doing what works for you and makes you feel good. Yep, has been chilly for May :)

  4. WOOT! Isn't this awesome that we've found the key, what works for us? I'm doing double takes when I look in the mirror lately and especially when I put on my clothes that were tight and are now falling off me! LOVE ESE!