Thursday, May 6, 2010

Horns, 6-Packs & Dinner Fasts

What a week! Work has been SOOOOOOOOOOO busy and i'm a little over it! I've been doing some overtime at our customer service office late afternoon- just boring data entry BUT its helping heaps with my mortgage and allowing me to NOT have a roomie atm. So just sucking it up for now. I have now come to hate the TAX FAIRY ... work more = earn more = tax more...How is that fair!?

Ok enough complaining!

Training is kicking arse this week, been pushing out some heavy weights and also did a killer slam class last night too! My God there are some HORNS at my gym at night! Nothing hotter than sweat and muscles i say....Ok i'm getting carried away lol. And yeah i got some nice looks too. Its amazing when you are feeling confident how you see the world in another light.

Sorry i still havent had a chance to get skins done. I was supposed to get them done tuesday morning, but my DayBed (for my courtyard....more flat-packed furniture, sigh) got delivered so i only had time to rush through my leg sess. Hopefully get them done next week. But all i can say is that i am feeling so damn LEAN atm that i'm getting to a stage mentally that i dont need a number to prove myself! Yeah my sexy six-pack has partially come out of hiding woot!

I decided to try a dinner to dinner fast from last night to tonight....Hmmmm i HATED it! I didn't get any tummy grumbles and it was pretty easy. But that wasnt the problem......I had coffee withdrawals lol. (You can still drink black coffee... but that is gross!) On breakfast to breakfast or lunch to lunch fasts i still get to have a coffee or two. Not today. I was a little grumpy. Fasting is still supposed to be an enjoyable experience so i can say that i WILL NOT be fasting dinner to dinner EVER again! Also i think my appetite was definitely higher tonight compared to other fasts. Perhaps because i had to endure an enitre (BUSY) day without food?

Anywho, time for some telly and bed.



  1. oh no! I was thinking about that too - not being able to enjoy a morning cuppa with milk. Hmmmm...I will have to try both I guess and see what works.

  2. yeahhh for abs popping out and a great week!

  3. Isn't it funny how we all have our own little preferences? I take it you don't drink diet soda- because for me, that gets me through the fasts because I love the taste AND it gives me the caffeine? ;-) Either way, keep it up girl. Love ya!

  4. NOPE!.... I'm with Amy on diet sodas LOL!!!! ... Right back at ya girl x