Monday, May 24, 2010

OSB #2 Week 6... FUCK off FLUID! =)

Geez monday has rolled around fast AGAIN! So that makes it weigh-in day.... Week 6, half way there already!

17/5/2010   Week 5
Weight:        64.1kg

24/5/2010   Week 6
Weight:        64.2kg

Difference:   + 100g
Difference to Date:   3.1kg Loss

Yikes, a 100g GAIN!  ... Nah, i'm not too worried.... Its TTOM...go figure....Feeling like a beached whale hahaha.....F*k off fluid is all i can say LOL!

My upper body is still feeling pretty tight but all the fluid seems to swim around in my quads....they are like a water magnet..... Is this the same for you girls or do you hold water in other places during TTOM?

So come next monday it'll be interesting to see what my real weight is then. It'll also be time to get my skins done, so we'll see what the important numbers are then.... BODY FAT baby!

Last of all, has any of you tried chicken liver? Well, i decided to cook it up for dinner last night... you know its very high in iron yadayadayada.... The first thing was the smelll.... then came the weird texture.... then the foul taste.... and 12 hours later i still feel like vomitting..... NEVER AGAIN!

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  1. HAHAH , Your very brave for trying.Just the words chicken livers makes me feel like puking.