Monday, May 10, 2010

OSB #2 Week 4: Sweet Results

Who has Mondayitis today?... That would be me! I think we have been spoilt by having 2 long weekends in a row, it just took me FOREVER to get going this morning.

Anywho i have some super cool results to report in.

3/5/2010 Week 3
Weight: 65.2kg

10/5/2010 Week 4
Weight: 64.4kg

Difference: - 800g!
Difference to date: 2.8kg Loss

Hell yeah. I am stoked and feeling damn fine!.... AND yes i wore BIKE PANTS to the gym on friday!


We celebrated mothers day on saturday as my sis had to work on sunday so we took Hemorrhoid (seriously i really feel this name is quite inappropriate now....gosh times are changing!) to Yum Cha... And i am proud to say that i suffered absolutely NO anxiety over the carb-rich delish food. I 'Indulged Wisely" as my girl KellyO puts it. Though admittedly i felt quite bloated afterwards as i am not used to eating so much startchy/heavy food i.e rice/glutenous rice! But it was no big deal, the bloating soon resided as i began my fast after lunch. I am definitely starting to re-build a very healthy relationship towards all sorts of food. (FINALLY!) Even my approach to food choices is becoming more holistic. Moderation is the key people!

This lunch to lunch fast (for me) was a piece of cake. What makes the time fly is keeping BUSY. That way you are not bored and thinking about food 24/7. The mind is a powerful tool and trust me, you can make yourself believe you are hungry when really you are not.

I saw GA in the arvo, then had the pleasure of building more flat-packed furniture....NOT! What a mission, it took me nearly 2 hours but i now have this awesome Daybed and Outdoor Setting in my courtyard. I can now chill out with a coffee and book in the sunshine or i can gaze into the stars at night. Just perfect.

I have had a few questions about training during a fast. IMO i think it is best if you either:

1. Completely rest or
2. Work-out, followed straight away by a Post-workout meal, then begin your fast or
3. Fast, then in the last hour of your fast do your work-out so you can consume a Post-workout meal

Personally, i would NOT do a big workout at the start or half-way through a fast as I believe that Post-workout nutrition is very important.

Well thats my weekend in a nut-shell. I have a ballmark figure of 61kg that i am focussed on achieving over the next 8 weeks, but if it takes longer then so be it. I may get to 62kg and be happy there but i may hit 61kg and still have a bit to go. We'll just have to see what happens! So stay tuned!

Skins will definitely be done tomorrow morning, i PROMISE!

And last of all, i am NOT impressed by whomever is Commenting (in Chinese) and leaving me links to PORNO sites. FUCK OFF! ..... in the nicest way possible =)


  1. Hah! You're becomming quite the commedian! A couple of parts in that post made me laugh..
    We're going to yum cha this weekend with friends of ours that are absolutely mad for it. Good stuff hey :) Some of it is nasty but all good in moderation hey ;)

  2. LOL! I try to at least keep myself amused so i don't bore you guys!