Monday, May 31, 2010

OSB #2 Week 7: Its all about Balance!

Well i'm happy to say that my head has safely been returned to ME! Thank god. She had taken a one week vacation to "Head-fuck Island" and got up to all sorts of mischief hanging out with all these Sugar Lunatics. Geez, she didnt even ask for my permission! lol

So as you can see, i have had quite a traumatic experience this past week. As horrible as it was, it was a huge learning curve.... I finally deciphered the reason behind the sugar/fat cravings!

First i spoke to GA about my PB issue on saturday and ya know what she said?

"Shelly your body is cravings.... CARBOHYDRATES! You need to add some complex carbs back into your diet. In chinese medicine, without rice your body has no earth, therefore you are not grounded. The carbs will satisfy your cravings and your hunger. If you feel like some sweetness after dinner then have a  mandarin".

FYI, i have followed a low complex carb diet for forever. I still have a couple pieces of fruit per day, but things like bread, potatoes, rice, oatmeal have been off the menu for a long time.

Then on sunday, i had to attend a seminar for work. The topic was Nutritional deficiencies affecting Mental Health. It was actually really interesting (for a sunday lol) and i got the pleasure of picking the brains of one of the guest speakers, an expert on vitamins and minerals. I asked him the same PB question.

The first thing he told me was, "Your body is cravings CARBOHYDRATES"!... What the? Two days in a row. Then he asked if i was NO! lol. He then proceeded to look me up and down and ask me if i follow a low-carb diet. So i explained the complex carb thing and he backed up everything GA had said to me on saturday. The PB cravings are definitely not a lack of EFA issue though incorporating them in my diet would only benefit me. He also said thats why the PB would never satisfy my cravings and i could keep going back for more was cos i needed carbs instead.

So i have taken on both their advice and added rice back into my lunch. And you know what? I feel fantastic. Within about half an hour my energy was up, my mood was bright and my focus came back. Motivational levels are up again WOOT!... oh and PB cravings are GONE!

I thing i did realise (well i think i have always known) is that food is all about BALANCE. For me, eating relatively lowish carbs AND fasting twice a week was a bit of overkill. So i am excited about seeing how my body responds in the weeks to come.

So onto results:

24/05/2010 Week 6
Weight:   64.2kg

31/05/2010 Week 7
Weight:   64.2kg

All i can say is thank god i didn't gain any weight with all the junk i consumed last week! Fingers crossed i am actually holding quite a bit of fluid due to the overload of sugar!

Mojo is back baby, 63kg here i come!


  1. I think I took up temporary residency on that damn island!!!! LOL!!! Thank god it was not like that tv show Lost where they got stuck on that island forever! At least I got off - finally!!!

    Was nice you came and visited for a while, but if you had stayed any longer I would have kicked your butt back to the land of reality!!!!

    Nice work on the PB thing too!

  2. hehe i laughed most at the 'head fuck' island line too, i thought oh wow I have been there for months now - i think you and i both need a real life holiday :S

  3. "Head F*ck Island"!!! Love your work babe!! Good to hear you got it all sorted and Mr Mojo is back workin' for ya again - woot!


  4. People! Live normal lives and eat everything! Just not too much of it. When it is not raining, go for a little run. When it is, stay home, it's ok!
    When you go out, have a glass or two of wine. It's also ok. Do some exercise it'll make you feel better.
    What's this low carb, pb, protein, steroids crap? it's worse than being in jail! Why don't you just enjoy a little bit of everything in life and look good at the same time?

  5. Hope you added Oats back into your Diet also Chelle.I myself could not survive without them.Good to hear your off that island.

  6. Honey, I personally have been eating literally whatever I want but the ESE has made me much more calm when I DO even if I'm eating GASP bread (!) I'm not freaking out and guess what, I'm losing even with eating carbs....regularly. I mean regularly.

  7. Girls - Isn't Headfuck island a nasty place! LOL.. Glad to have left and feeling great now!

    Daniel- Balance is exactly my mission atm. I'm slowly breaking free of these 'rules' i have ate/trained by for so many years. Bit of a slow process and lots of head games but i'm getting there. Christmas is the goal.

    Dianne- i'd love to but i'm gluten intolerant (even oats)! But really enjoying the rice again now.

    KellyO - I know and i'm SO happy for you! I've had carbs with some of my treat meals and was ok with that but allowing them everyday has been a bit of a mind game till now. I know they aren't 'bad' at all but i think i had just conditioned my mind to not eat them for so long...Having said that, i've eaten rice/potatoes everday since sunday and i'm feeling so much better for it... and finally not FREAKING out!...Can't wait till i finally find peace with my food.