Monday, June 7, 2010

OSB #2 Week 8: FINALLY cracked the 63s!

Well the title says it all! I've been on the biggest high today, its amazing what one little number can do to your confidence.... Yes i even did the naked happy dance on cloud 9 too... Seriously.... LOL=P

31/5/2010   Week 7
Weight:   64.2kg

7/6/2010     Week 8
Weight:    63.9kg   ( I stepped on and off the scales 3 times just to make sure i wasn't seeing things lol)

Difference:  -300g
Difference to Date: 3.3kg!

So after my vacation to Headfuck island I have definitely bounced back stronger and smaller WOOT!

And to top it off, i even got asked by two random people at gym this morning if i was competing this year... talk about an ego boost haha

Now one thing i wanna talk about is the subject of 'intuitive eating'. I spent quite a bit of time over the weekend reading Skwigg and KellyO's blogs on the above topic and the real meaning hit home yesterday. See, i was planning on fasting from sunday breakfast to breakfast this morning BUT that didnt happen. My glands were up a little saturday night and i ended up sleeping into 9am! OMG who does that!? lol... Anyway it was way too late to eat breakfast so i thought i might as well just fast till dinner. I'm not really a fan of the dinner to dinner fast (coffee withdrawal!!! hello!) but i had no choice....

I had planned on cooking up some yummy banana protein pancakes for breakie, so mentally i hadnt even prepared for my fast. But at that moment i realised, i really wasn't that hungry at all. I had even eaten quite an early dinner on saturday at 630pm. So that made me think well do i really need a monstrosity of a breakfast each morning? I usually eat egg/eggwhites+ vegie scramble, fruit n fibre shake and a coffee. But to be honest, eating eggs/eggwhites for breakfast has never come naturally to me. I kind of just got into the habit of eating them due to comp prep and also having the 'you must eat protein at breakfast or your muscles will be lost down a black hole' mantra being drummed into my head for ages. Then i thought, well whats the point of forcing extra calories down my mouth just for the sake of 'nutrition rules'? If my body doesnt really feel like a huge breakie and/or eggs then why should i feed it that? Make sense yeah?

So with that decided, this morning i just had my fruit n fibre shake and a coffee. That was ENOUGH to SATISFY my appetite. I then proceeded to do a killer shoulder and tri sess and even pumped out some PBs too!... My energy was through the roof and i felt a lot lighter without having to digest all the extra food. Now i'm not saying protein at breakfast is wrong at all. But right now, for ME, i am experimenting with 'intuitive eating' - and really listening to what my body NEEDS. To add to that, my appetite was NOT out of control for the rest of the day either. As i mentioned before, i have added carbs (rice) back into my lunch which really hits my sweet spot...that CONTENT feeling.

At the end of the day, to lose weight (FAT!) we need a calorie deficit to occur. Period. So stay tuned as i break some of the 'rules' and finally find PEACE with (all) FOOD. On that note, i am totally enjoying not having to prep so many meals everyday, what a blessing in disguise!

Bring on the 62s, SEXY SIX-PACK HERE I COME!


  1. congratulations on your 63s :) Yes it is all about creating a deficit at the end of the day and the key is to do it your way, not anyone else's

  2. Awesome job chicky!!! I understand your happiness, as I know you have been wanting this for ages!! Well done.

    As for listening to what your body wants......good luck with that one. Geez, if I listened to what my body wanted my mind would take control ever so fast and have me shovelling carb after carb down my throat!

    Keep us informed with how it all goes though. I love reading how your are going!

  3. You got it Liz! Thanks =). oh btw, do you work at the pharmacy during the week? If so, which one, i'd love to drop by!

    LOL Ren! Well PB has not touched my lips in 7 days OMG, so thats a first. Just hope the 'intuitive radar' is correctly callibrated! =P

  4. Wahoo!! Glad to hear your going well Chell x