Tuesday, June 22, 2010

OSB #2 Week 10: Balance...Where art thou?

Hey ya'll so sorry for not posting yesterday but I have been FLAT OUT!

First of all i just wanna say a huge thank you for all the lovely comments on my Progress Pic! You guys rock!
So results are in…..

14/06/2010 Week 9
Weight: 63.5kg

21/06/2010 Week 10
Weight: 63.8kg

Difference: 300g GAIN...gasp!.... Fingers crossed this is only fuckin fluid!
Difference to Date: 3.4kg Loss

Ok so its been one of those weeks where I have let 'mindless eating' get the better of me.. It all kind of snowballed after my big night out last weekend. I think the lack of sleep made me a tired grumpy poo bum for quite a few days. I used that as an excuse to 'snack' on PB 'mindlessly' (we're talking about more than 2 tbsp at a time here argh!) .. No I wasn't 'craving' it, nor was I emotional (apart from being tired) or stressed, it was just something to do...maybe out of habit???

Do you overeat when you're bored?

Then to add to that I had a girlfriend's party on Saturday arvo which was heaps of fun...and helped myself to way too much some dessert....Then again after dinner eeekk…Now i'm ok now with the fact that its OK to have dessert and treats etc BUT i still need to learn when enough is enough!... I think some mean fairy stole my STOP button!... So I’m assuming this massive sugar hit has welcome aboard Ms FUCKIN FLUID!

I realise that breaking this binge cycle is just gonna take consistent conscious effort. So for now i'm trying not to beat myself up over the delights of the weekend. Just gotta let go, learn from it and move on.

A good friend of mind told me something last night that I’d like to share with you all.

You need to tell your brain their IS a STOP BUTTON. Only you can refrain from over-indulgence. You don't NEED it, you WANT it - there's a huge difference. If you decide you're going to do something, you don't change your mind because if you do you let yourself down. Make a promise to yourself and don't break it. The one person in this world you can always rely on is you.

You don't need it, you want it.... This phrase really hit home fore me so i think it'll be something i keep asking myself whenever i feel like seconds. For this reason I will be working on some cognitive therapy to keep me on a winning streak. And that means reading over my goals, affirmations and visualising the end result aka my ‘sexy bitch body’ morning and night. This will enable me to keep progressing forward and stay in a positive mindset. And when the time comes that another curve ball is thrown at me I will be better able to deal with it and move past it in a less damaging way.

Old habits die hard….. But they do die!.... EVENTUALLY!

Finding balance is something I am desperately searching for….or perhaps I actively creating it now? I know that each challenge that passes me by will make me mentally stronger. Thats what life is all about right? I’d like to see myself in the next 6 to 12 months looking back now and smiling back at this crazy journey of mine having realised wow, i've actually found it.


  1. Hey Chelle
    Are you still doing ESE?
    Shar x

  2. Hey beautiful lady, i sure am. I attribute my great results in OSB #2 to ESE. For me, its been way more effective than a traditional body building plan and has taught me a lot about food and myself... Still gotta few issues (binging) to rid myself of, but i'm slowly get there. I'm still fasting twice a week and will do so till i get to my goal - about 61kg, then i will drop it to once a week. Hope you're doing well x

  3. Hey sweetie :o) YES Boredom is my switch to eat! Absolutely!!! If I have nothing to do I circle the kitchen like a shark, which may explain why I am always so friggin busy, its my way of not eatng the stuff I shouldn't, its even the same at work, if I am busy I can stick to the food perfectly, if it is a quiet day all I can think baout is the smell from the food from downstairs!!!
    You are doing really well so don't stress about the gain this week, as you said in a few months you will look back and love what you have learned about yourslef :o) xxx

  4. I'm doing really wellnow I got my shit together! :)

    I just noticed you hadn't mentioned ESE for a while and wondered whether you were still doing, I have read all about it and find it very interesting, what do you find the easiest fast - Dinner to Dinner?
    Shar x

  5. Cathy - i think boredom must bring out the Inner Fat Bitch Fairy LOL...But i've just worked out that having a pot of hot vegetable soup in the kitchen seems to work a treat if i get the munchies (saves me a zillion calories from PB too!)...very filling and satisfying now that it might as well be snowing!

    Shar- good to hear! Yeah sometimes i just forget to mention ESE cos i just assume everyone knows i'm doing it! But i will do so next post.

    FOr me lunch to lunch is the easiest as i find having 3 meals in my tummy keeps me full enough to not think about food for the rest of the day. It used to be followed by breakfast to breakfast but now cos the weather is really cold, i find that my body temp drops quite a bit during the second half of the fast as fat becomes the only fuel used for energy and i struggle a bit to stay warm! I used to hate din to din but now i find being asleep for the first half of the fast (for me the hardest part) makes it go pretty fast. If i really start craving a coffee mid arvo i'll just have one anyway. You're not 'suppose' to have milk and sugar but honestly i dont think the tiniest bit is really gonna make a difference esp when its only 2-4 hrs before the fast is over.

    Have you got much baby weight to lose now babe? x