Monday, June 28, 2010

OSB #2 Week 11: Finally cracked the 62s!!!

Well Monday has arrived AGAIN, and you know what that means?!

(can i get a drumrolll)... WEIGH-IN DAY!

Well after a 300g gain last week which i'm assuming was fluid (hmmm from way too many sugary carbs and pre TTOM?!) i have smashed the fat-loss this week.

21/06/2010   Week 10
Weight:   63.8kg

28/06/2010   Week 11
Weight:   62.9kg    (i had to the triple check for this one!)

Difference:  - 900g
Difference to Date:   4.3kg LOSS

That definitely called for the naked happy dance lol...

So i think there's been a few things that have attributed to the cool results this week.
1. ESE
2. Nutrition

ESE - i can't believe this is my 11th week of fasting. All i can say that is for me, ESE has worked a charm. Compared to OSB #1 (where i used a traditional body building diet with a daily calorie deficit), the weight has come off so much faster. I am noticing changes in my body everyday and one big thing is the fasting seems to eliminate a lot of fluid retention that many women tend to suffer from. Though in saying that I did drop 7.1% BF and (only!) 300g in OSB #1 so i'm not complaining either. But what a great experiment to compare two totally different programs! I am currently fasting twice a week and will do so till i get to my goal physique which i'm guessing will be about 61kg. So maybe another 4 weeks to go?

Nutrition - This week i made a pact with myself to get this sorted out. I would like to use the term 'mastered', but alas that WILL take a while of perserverance. In my 'intuitive eating' approach, you may recall i dramatically cut a big portion of my breakfast out (egg/egghites vegies) due to the fact that i'm really not hungry at that time of the day. I decided to NOT have a massive amount of protein just for the sake of 'rules'. In doing so has made no difference to my energy levels and/or training, and no i haven't lossed muscle mass either.

One thing i realised was that about 30-45mins after dinner i always seem to get a little peckish.

Maybe i am bored?
Or maybe i just want something warm and satisfying in my stomach on a cold winters night?

After chatting with quite a few people this week, it seems to be the case for many of you. So i thought to myself, well i'm just gonna go with my intuitive eating approach and 'forget' about no carbs at night! I decided to make a big batch of chicken and vegetable soup (and yes there were white potatoes in it GASP!). SO come Masterchef (i'm addicted to that show!) time, i enjoyed a big bowl of soup. It warms me up, satisfied any hunger/cravings and you bet ya PB didn't even enter my mind! BINGO.

The soup lasted me till thursday. So you know what i treated myself with for supper for the rest of the week?... Hot chocolate Chelle Style...
1/2 tbsp cocoa pwd
1 tsp xylitol
100ml rice milk
100ml water
1/3 scoop (about 10g) of vanilla protein pwd
Microwave and ENJOY. (i added the PP after microwaving)
Oh and i did have 1 square of 85% Lindt too =)

Oh and one more thing. FYI i have been fasting from Dinner to Dinner. You may recall earlier on in the piece that i detested this fast as it meant that i couldn't have my beloved cup of coffee during the day (you can have coffee but with no milk or gross!) So i was either doing a BF to BF of Lunch to Lunch. With the weather so cold i was beginning to find that my body temp would drop heaps during the second half of those two fasts, ie. bedtime and it was getting really hard to stay warm! This is because without the presence of food for fuel, your body starts utilising your fat stores for energy and to keep you warm! Also too for me, i find the first 8 to 10 hours of the fast the most mentally challenging, so being asleep during this time makes the rest really easy. And just so you know i have cheated on my fast - i now usually succomb to a cup or 2 of 'normal' coffee =P (yes it has a dash of milk and sugar) during the day if i want it (and to prevent coffee withdrawals!)... And in all honestly, the extra 45 to 90 cals that i consume during my fast has made no difference to my results.

So there you have it!

BTW, feeling about 90% today. I'm resisting the urge to train and just gonna take it easy and go for a walk this morning. The weather looks beautiful outside!


  1. looking great Shelley! :)
    ive heard white potatoes at dinner time will help you sleep well too. Glad to hear you're not pregnant... LOL! xx

  2. ps i had to laugh when I saw "Steph and Steph" - we're getting called Steph1 and Steph 2 (or B1 and B2) at bj's ...

  3. White potatoes help you sleep, hey i like that! Maybe they contain some tryptophan?? ... No chance in the entire world i could be pregnant lol, but my bout with nausea was enough to turn me off babies anytime in the next 5 years haha!

  4. You're kickin' ass girlfriend!!! Love reading your bloggies. Can't wait to hear what's in the pipeline for ya!


  5. I love reading about your success and I love "hearing" the happiness in your post! So awesome!! Keep going girl. You rock. Totally.

  6. Thanks kelly girl. i'm just thrilled with my results so far, so its a little hard not to smile!!! You know, in the past i have ALWAYS had to do massive amounts of training and deprive myself of certains foods/food groups to get myself into smokin shape. ESE has changed my life and i'm so happy its changed yours too.

  7. Hi Chelle,

    Awsome work on making it to the 62's. I have delved as far back as your first post, you are a true inspiration, and now that your past 63 I hope you are confidently taining in that crop top! I too cracked the 62 mark last week :) I am pumped for you as much as I am for me. I love success in any way it comes.

    You look amazing, and I noticed you too are in Brisbane. I came across your blog through one of the ladies off Ideal Bodies online, I am doing my 12 week challenge with them.

    Good luck

  8. Earthly Love ( Sorry i don't know your name?!) - Wow, thank you so much for the compliment. Thats a lot of reading girl, i'm glad you have enjoyed my crazy journey so far!... I probably could train in a crop top in 3-4 weeks time BUT the fact that its eskimo weather (sigh), i think i'll have to stay covered up lol....which remind me, i shall post up some proper progress pics at the end of OSB #2!

    Congrats on the 62s too. Whats your goal?
    Yep i'm on the southside of brisvegas, how about you?

  9. My name is Courtney,
    I like to stay a little annonymous as I like to get "passionate" in my writtings and some people get offended. I might become Un-annoymous one day, when I am sure all the haters are out of my life :)

    Goals... 55-53, smokin hot bikini body, nice muscle tone, lean legs.. its all about the legs and abs for me... I am sure the rest of me will keep up along with that.
    I am only a shortie, I am 158cms, maybe taller now my fats no weighing me down. haha. I can only hope.

    I am on the north side of brisbane, soon to be moving south/west.

  10. HI courtney! Well all the best with your goals, stay positive and i look forward to following your journey!