Monday, June 14, 2010

OSB #2 Week 9: Sweet Results and Progress Pic

Well what a fabulous weekend i am having. It all started friday night at the Glass Bar in the Valley for my girlfriends 25th. Saturday followed with Bodyslam, a trip to Anaconda to get some um... thermals. OMG i swear my pad is an igloo in the suburbs! Serious. I look like an eskimo at various parts of the day. Then GA smashed me during my massage. For the past 2 weeks, i have looked like the reminants of a dummy left in a boxing ring. My legs are purple...punishment so she calls it for all the shit i ate the other week. You see, refined sugar is very toxic and causes your body to get very acidic. And where does the acid pool? In your legs =(... But felt a million dollars after.... Beauty is pain.

From there i went to my friends house for a birthday bbq. Apart from the fact it was like zero degrees on the deck i had a blast. I even found out that i've got a pretty good eye for Darts! Who would have known lol. Sunday followed with a big walk in the sunshine around my 'burb' and then last night my crew and i headed out to Zuri Bar in the Valley as it was 80s night! I carved up the dancefloor, and through various stages of the night took up residance on the dj's podium WOOT WOOT! I enjoyed a couple of drinks (was quite pissy actually lol, such a cheap drunk, but hey you get that when you can count the number of drinks you have in an entire year on your fingers and toes!) and by 2.30am my feet were blistered and numb from my heels so i called it a night.

So that brings me to Monday morning....WEIGH IN day!

7/6/2010  Week 8
Weight:    63.9kg

14/6/2010  Week 9
Weight:     63.5kg

Difference:  -400g
Difference to Date:  3.7kg!!!

How fuckin excited am i!!!??? Woot! Totally stoked that i did a killer gym sess this morning after only 4 hours sleep. I'm sure i will crash and burn later though.... 61kg is within my grasp now =)


I've got some yummy soup boiling away on the stove now and will be going to Mum's for dinner tonight....Omg did i just say Mum?!.... Yep....You know why? Well i went for a big walk late friday afternoon and when i got home, my mum had swung by earlier and left some dinner (yummy Malaysian chicken curry) on my kitchen bench and an extra blanket for my bed. (Told you i live in an igloo). Totally took me by surpise. I guess she really does care.... only from a distance though lol

So this pic was taken last night.... Feeling the sexiness!!!



  2. Thw wink I write with computer just doesnt do your progress justice. Well done! your ooozzen sexiness,lol.

  3. Good stuff girl! Hot stuff too! :-)

  4. Hot hot hot! Looking fab miss chelle sounds like you have had a fantastic weekend keep the good times rolling hehe!!

  5. You look fab Chelle!! Congrats on the loss you little party girl you xx

  6. Seriously sexy and sassy - lookin' gooooood!

  7. Wow! you are looking hot!!! keep that smiling going Chelle xxx

  8. Aw shucks girls, feeling the love! xo

  9. Looking fabulously sexily amazing!!! well done and loving how much you love your new home :o))

  10. How did I miss this post?!
    Congrats on the loss girl!! You should be excited, that is awesome progress!!!!
    Hot piccie chicky!!!!!

  11. Thanks girls... i'm finally on my way to my happy place!