Sunday, June 27, 2010

An Exciting Shithouse Week.

Hmmmm well the title says it all!

Lets start with the shithouse....

Walking up the stairs to the gym on monday morning i suddenly got that fatigued feeling. You know the feeling you get when you've been training hard for weeks on end without a break? So i had to soldier through a tough shoulder and tricep workout, i was still able to lift heavy and intensely but boy it took a hell lot of mental focus to push through that one.

Looking back at my Accountability Countdown Calender i realised i'd been training for 10 weeks solid! So i made up my mind to have a week off weights starting the next day... I'm one of those people who is quite happy to have a week off every few months as i know the BENEFITS of RESTING! So walking was my cardio of choice. I've got this awesome walking route around my burb that i love doing. Not sure how far it is but it takes about 50mins, lots of hills and if walked early enough in the arvo i get to see an amazing sunset.

Wednesday arvo arrived, Bodyslam time (boxercise)... Now the past few weeks there has been some issues with the temperature controller in the aerobics room. There is a choice of only 2 temps.... 40 degrees or 5 degrees. Serious. If the instructor chooses the former, you might as well workout in your bikinis cos its like a steam room. If they choose the latter like they did on wed night, you need to wear your eskimo clothes. I'm assuming i picked up a lurgie during the class (tummy bug has gone through the gym the past week), cos by the end of the class my glands were up big time! Great.

Thursday, i was feeling nausaus (not fluey though) ALL day and had to take half a day off work.... Now i know how pregnant people feel and i do NOT envy you! It was probably a good thing i was fasting because the thought of food didnt sit well with me. Went to bed. 2am came around and OMFG - projectile vomit... SO fuckin gross. I havent thrown up in years and have to say that vomitting is the most disgusting thing ever!...You must be grossed out now lol... That lasted till about 5ish before i passed out was able to sleep again. I then made an emergency trip to see GA so she could sort me out. After taking my pulse, she said my acid levels were extremely high (hence the vomitting) and my salt levels were really depleted. SO i had strict instruction to consume lots of lemon & ginger tea, drink salted water and apple cider vinegar, eat salted plums and also dosed up on some other supps too. Oh and she said GYM... By friday night i was feeling great and had an awesome night sleep.

Saturday Bodyslam class.... (i forgot about no GYM, oops). I had a fantastic class then later on caught up for a lovely lunch with Miss Steph and Steph! By bed time saturday night i was feeling nauseas AGAIN. Oh and did i mention TTOM decided to arrive too!  And by the early hours of sunday morning followed with an exact repeat of thursday night =( ... I guess that was my punishment for training saturday which caused my acid levels to go through the roof, oh well you live and you learn right?

So today up until about 4pm i was awake for about 3 hours max. My bed was my best friend. I think the last crazy arse 6 months finally caught up on me and my body was just exhuasted and a little run down. I'm feeling pretty good now, just about to finish fast number 2 (perfect timing again!) for the week so i think i will just have something really light to eat as i dont wanna upset my poor little tummy again. Oh, and i'm on holidays tomorrow WOOT!

I won't be going away but i do plan on chilling, lunches with the girls, a bit of EOFYS shopping ( i fuckin hate that add lol!) and hopefully some training too.

Now for the exciting news (geez i have blabbered on for way too long lol)....

There are 2 big things in my pipeline....BUT i can't reveal them yet =P


  1. OMG you might be preggers!!!! hehehehehe NAH just kidding!!! Hope you get better soon Chelle. Nothing worse than being sick on your holidays :(

    Can't wait to hear your big news too babe. But I am happy to be patient. xx

  2. I think you need a man for that hahahah! GA told me i have a 'phantom pregnancy' lol... All will be revealed once i get confirmation (shouldnt be too long either!) .... x

  3. You poor thing sounds like a bit of a rough week thank god for holidays perfect timing i say : )
    Can't wait to hear the exciting news : )

  4. Oh WHAT!!!??

    You cant do that and not tell us!! :)

  5. What???? Confirmation on the phantom pregnancy????? Hahahahahahaha

    And as for the man thing.......geez these days you can do anything, don't even need a man!!!! (sorry I'm in a bit of a cheeky little mood!)

    Hope it all works out for you girl. Sooooooo can't wait to meet you. xx

  6. Sorry girls I'm a little meanie stringing ya'll along hee hee... but i should know by end of the week!

    Ren- NO i'm definitely NOT pregnant!!!!!... waiting for confirmation re the exciting news!