Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Finally better and a Pic of Inspiration!

I FINALLY feel better YAY!

Last night was so wierd. My head was hot, my body was cold, my tummy was still nauseas and my nose was um...numb! WTF? ( And NO, i was not doing anything naughty!)  Anywho, after being a total bum for 5 whole days i am so glad to be back to my normal self. I feel totally rested and ready to get my arse back into the gym. So bodyslam it is tonight.

Today has been pretty cruisy, i went out to Yumcha with mum and dad. Mum surprised me with a cash gift of $600!...To go towards some furniture. I actually find it difficult to accept money from my parents. I think its because i like seeing myself as ultra independent, but she's a gift giver and gets insulted otherwise. I think thats her way of showing she cares (love?) so I dont try and work her out anymore, i just flow with it. If i think too much it'll give me a headache lol... oh and did i mention she has brought over 5 pot-plants (1 for indoors) for the pad!? ... The low-maintanence type, i dont want anything dying on me =)

So off i went to Super Amart to buy a desk for my spare room. Yep i have decided.... NO ROOMATES! I love living on my own, its so peaceful and i figure as long as i can afford it i'm gonna keep it this way. So the spare room will now be my office. Tomorrow i have the fun-filled task of building an adult sized mechano desk lol.... oh the joys of flat-packed furniture...NOT. Dad won't be overseas this time around, so if i find myself sobbing on the floor surrounded by too many nuts, bolts and tools he will only be 3.65km down the road he he he

On that note, i'm gonna fly...

And btw, not too long before i look like this!


  1. Glad you are feeling better. Hope your desk construction goes OK. Check carefully before forcing dowels into holes... they are very hard to get out (I learnt the hard way!).

  2. Glad you got it out of the car!!!! Seems like you and your mum have a much better relationship now! Good on you :)

  3. Thanks for the tip Char, it mentions to use pvc glue on the dowels so'll be extra careful!!!

    Dad came to the rescue Ren lol... Mum and i are good in 'minute' doses. Yumcha went for 1 hr 10mins... that was long enough =)

  4. I would lose my mind if I lived with anyone right now. I love living alone and having my I'm sure if anyone tried living with me and my issues of EVERYTHING MUST BE CLEAN AND PERFECT they'd want to kill me. ;-)

  5. LOL, you make me laugh cos i am so like that too. (one good trait that did brush off from my mum!)...if anyone dare walk into my house with shoes on..... ;-)