Sunday, March 25, 2012

and she's back in the game!

Hey ya'll, I thought i'd better check in just to let you know that I am still in the land of the living... just.

All I can say is that the past couple weeks have been a borderline NIGHTMARE.  I had promised myself at the start of the year to NOT leave assignments to the last fuckin minute .... yeah forgot about that promise lol ... So there I was again in a world of pain stress, racing the clock to get my 2000 word assignment on 'what motivates sleep and sleep deprivation' done. (Ummmm DEADLINES?!) There were a lot of tears and during my mini meltdown I was so so close to calling up the uni and pulling out of my degree. FYI, they still own my $1270 for this semester ... and I am happy about that decision :). Due to my poor as time study management skills, I ended up missing a few workouts and numbed some of my stress with chocolate (after I had easily gone chocolate free for 19 days!) but I got the assignment submitted right on 12am friday night, phew. Bit of a rush job, but I have a learnt a big lesson and moved on.

So yesterday I decided that I needed some time away from the world. Instead of going to boxing class, I trained outside. The only time I spoke a word was mentioning my name at the polling booth.  Having that me time was worth its weight in gold. You can only figure out what you want in life when your mind is clear because stress distorts EVERYTHING.

Success in life is all about choices and priorities and the only thing stopping you achieving goals is YOU. I realise that my plate is nearly overflowing this year with work, travelling for work, training, psychology degree and comp prep BUT i know that if i really want to succeed in everything it all boils down to managing my time more effectively.

SO basically, i have to time box my entire day - yeah its a bit fanatical - but hey you gotta do what ya gotta do to get the job done!

So after solving all the problems of my crazy little world I psyched myself up and kicked some serious arse at the KP Stairs this morning. I took 1.33mins off last weeks time, so my new PB is 17.18mins!! Still feeling pumped, i did an extra 5 bonus sets for a total of 15 sets.

Anyway I must fly (literally), gotta finish packing before I jetset off to Townsville and Mackay for work this week.

Ashley Horner - smokin hot

Think positive and kick arse!

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