Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Beautiful Blogger Awards

The lovely Steph has nominated me to continue on this award. Btw, I am so glad you commented on my jacket that day in the gym, blogging has made such an impact on my life, in more ways than one. Thank you =)

Part 1 is to share 7 random facts about myself:

1. I have 5 piercings- ears, the middle part of ear attached to head, beauty spot and belly ring which are both now closed.
2. I DO NOT wear necklaces...they make me claustrophobic.
3. I am always 99.9% of the time running late...don't know why, i always have plenty of time but for some reason i always end up in a rush!
4. I am a serial texter whilst driving. Its a terrible and illegal habit but i still do it! ( I used to take phone orders whilst driving, but gave that one up! I do have blue tooth in my car so at least my phone isnt against my ear!)
5. I wear Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel.
6. I got to grade 7 in piano, but i found classical music too boring and opted to run round and round an athletic track instead.
7. I wear turquoise contact lenses when i go out. People always comment on my 'beautiful eyes'... I'm such a good actor!

So my turn to nominate 7 beautiful bloggers:
Ali... Maybe you'd better call yours the Handsome Blogger Awards!

I hope everyone has a wicked New Years, see you all in 2010!!!!!


  1. This is awesome, I am going to reply and continue!

    Happy Day,


  2. Great post Chelle. Hope the weights are going well :) Have a great night and chat next year. Bring on 2010!! xox