Friday, December 4, 2009

And she's back in the game...

Well 3 weeks of being sendentary was starting to do my head in. I was finding that doing absolutely jack shit was mentally tougher than damn comp prep! I had a bit of a teary last saturday cos my poor legs were beginning to feel ultra soft and i hated it, it kinda knocked my confidence just a little. And yes i know that good old muscle memory will allow my body to bounce back fast as soon as i get back into training but in the mean time, it was just as hard watching months of hard work disappear before my own eyes. I'm still in fantastic shape but thats not the point! I am my own worst critic!

So what did i do???....Well after some lengthy tex messages to a friend and a long drive to the sunshine coast, i zoned out to the soothing tunes of tiesto, to take my mind on a journey. I dug deep into my soul and brought my positiveness back out...How???.....Well, I asked myself what is the one thing that always puts a smile on my face on my face? The gym. Now before you jump to any conclusion, the answer is NO. I promise you that i wont be lifting a weight till Monday 4th January, that's just under 8 weeks off, which is a little more than they recommend ( 6 weeks is the minimum). So YES, i am doing the right thing...And yes, i got myself all excited about training again.

So as of Monday I bounced back into CBJ, (literally haha). It was so good to be back into the pumping atmosphere of my supergym, with lots of smiling faces around.  I did however make 1 mistake. And that was using the treadmill.... I had our resident 80 year old whom is used to seeing me train like an animal, come up to me and ask why i was walking slower than an old woman!!! Cheeky shit... So i whispered in his ear about my procedure hoping that he wouldnt have a coronary at the same time lol.

After that little incident, i thought perhaps it would be wiser to use the bike instead. I have a love-hate relationship with the bike, i'm not really a fan BUT its the results that matter. I'm switching between the recumberant bike (where your legs are horizontal) and the normal stationary bike for about 40mins. I'm doing intervals, 1 min at a high resistance followed by 1 min at a low resistance. Speed is not really a priority at the moment. Its now friday, and my little quads are starting to harden up already =)

Give it a few more weeks and you got it, my sexy little beach body will welcoming in the New Year.



  1. Glad you like the PN program! Mine is in the mail. I am super excited. Have you been to the members zone yet? I love the "womens body transformation" program. I am considering starting that Jan 1st.

  2. PN is wicked, it just makes sense. It has kept me in good shape even though i cant train for another 4 weeks. Wait till you try the Super shakes, they are da bomb! yeah i've been reading ALL sections, i am an article junkie, there is just so much info there and so much to learn. It has been a great investment. How is your comp prep going? Is this your first one?

  3. Welcome back!

    Winter is a great time to get hot for the spring/summer!

    I'd love for you to check out my blog - giveaway coming and workout songs!


  4. Did you not take bcaa's during your time off Chelle? xxx

  5. Thanks katie! Yes i have been checking out your blog and getting all sorts of crazy ideas for my smoothies. I'm gonna get myself some bee pollen from work next week. I realise you have giveaways but i live in Australia! =)

  6. Hey Lia, I havent used BCAA since comp prep. However i'm eating about 15-25g protein at each of my 5 meals + i'm also having glutamine before bed too =)

  7. merlemubson could you pleae translate your message into english! I have no idea what you have just wrote, thanks =)