Monday, November 23, 2009

Loving my girls...

Well what can i say...I LOVE my girls! The best decision i have ever made. My surgeon has done a beautiful job, they are in perfect proportion with my body, and feedback from everyone is that they are...big...but really natural. Mission accomplished!

Its been 13 days and i am recovering very fast. I have had minimal pain and didnt need any panadol after day 5. At my one week check up, the nurse was astounded by my speedy recovery, apparently she'd never seen anyone heal so fast. Must be cos i'm so healthy and taking the right supplements =) . Even my GA was happy with my recovery rate. Get this, my scar has just about healed over and is about 1mm thin, you can barely see it! I'm still a little stiff, so changing clothes and washing hair is a bit of a mission, but i'm becoming a little more mobile each day. I've got all my sensation back ( they were numb for the first week), but they still feel like aliens in my chest hee hee.

My nutrition has been paramount at the moment, cos for the next 4 weeks i dont have the luxury of just burning off excess calories. That's right, for the first time in my entire life, i am classified as sendentary! What a horrible word lol. I have also been following John Berardi's Precision Nutrition System. For those of you that havent come across it, it is a MUST READ. His approach to nutrition, training and supplementation is second to none. With his prinicpal of nutrient timing, my hunger is satisfied, my energy levels are great and my cravings are GONE! That's binges...nothing! And those super shakes are to die for, yummo. Lia, you've gotta try them asap!!! I've also been 95% gluten/dairy free (not a requisite for PN, but better for my digestive system) for the last 4 weeks and my skin is glowing like you wouldn't believe.

As of yesterday, i have started walking twice a day. The loop is about 3km and takes about 45min, thats about all i can handle at the moment. It should hopefully be enough to keep me in semi decent shape before i can hit the gym in january. My poor quads are starting to feel a bit on the soft side, being the sendentary soul that i am, but i refuse to let it get to me. I have been staying very positive, cos i know its only temporary. Its only another 4 weeks outta my life. I'm seeing this as just another little mental challenge in my journey. If i can get through 6 weeks of piss weak exercising i can get through ANYTHING.

One thing that has happened to me has made me do a lot of thinking:
I have not weight trained in nearly 3 weeks now, and for that reason i have lost a bit of muscle mass across my shoulders and off my arms. Still got my definition though =) But you know what? I'm actually loving this slighter frame. More of an athletic look for me.

Over the past couple years i have prided myself on big muscles, lifting heavy and that feeling of ultimate strength. My bench press PB is 130 pounds for 6 reps, not to shabby for an el naturale chicky i say! And in doing so i believed that building strength was a way of protecting myself from the Hemorrhoid in my life. Speaking of Hemorrhoid, she broke her silence after 13 days with the big question this morning...Are they heavy??? ...i said no..she said ...ok then... and that was it.. Too funny, i was giggling inside. Anywho, come 2010 i will be taking a different approach to my training. I do love my current training program, so i will chat with my PT about my new physique goals closer to january. I'm guessing we'll increase the reps a bit to work outside of hypertrophy for a little while. I'm not saying that i will go back to lifting princess weights, cos to me they're a waste of time! But right now, i have no desire to build my muscles any bigger than they are now. Sexy and athletic is what i'm gonna be, just like Alicia Marie, yeow!


  1. Congratulations on the birth of your new girls, you sound very happy with the twins Chelle. LOL!! ;o)

    I'm going to try out some of the shakes as soon as I get some vanilla protein, the hard part will be deciding which one. xxx

  2. Thanks babe! Yeah, i'm pretty stoked, they've been a long time coming.

    I know, they all look yummy, maybe try a new one every day! x

  3. Good on ya Chelle, glad you're happy with them. Would be in all sorts of trouble if you didn't hey? :S

    Yeh the precision nutrition system makes sense hey? I basically follow those rules but they are a little different for boys. I don't have any starcy carbs from 6:30-7am until about 3:30 in the arvo. Why take in energy food when you're sitting on your ass? Makes sense.

    I think 2 45min walks a day will keep you lean while you're 'sedentiary'. If you can keep your bodyfat down, when you start training again good ol' muscle memory should kick in and you'll fill out again.

    130lbs for 6 is pretty bloody good. Is that free weight barbell bench press?

  4. Thanks Ali!

    Yeah i have been in the nutrition game for a long time now (6 yrs or so), and i have to admit that PN is the best concept i have ever come across. I never thought i could detach from eating porridge for breakie every morning, but now i really look forward to my egg white scramble with tonnes of vegies. I have always considered myself a pretty healthy eater, but PN just takes your nutrition to a whole new level.

    I used the Hammer Bench, not the free weight barbell. I should have mentioned, i did get a spot for the last 2 reps! Was going nuts with big weights for a while, i like showing up the boys every now and again lol

  5. Hi chelle, thanks for stoppin' by my blog. As for comp.....well I originally thought Sept 2010 (ANB or INBA) got to see what my trainer thinks? Oh, by the way, I am soooooo jealous of your new additions. I just got to keep dreaming I guess! LOL!

  6. Alicia has such a hot body!

    Hope you're feeling well!


  7. Hi Katie, thanks for visiting my site! =)

  8. feeling your positivity radiate through my screen! alicia's another great fitness model hey, i always really like her answers in her Q&A page in Oxygen.

  9. Thanks steph, i'm so pumped right now! Yeah Alicia and JNL, now thats how i'm gonna look next year...smokin hot! I'm thinking the week after next i might come do an arvo sess at gym =)