Sunday, November 8, 2009


As far as I'm concerned, Jennifer Nicole Lee is the hottest fitness model on the planet, thats right, she's smokin!

Just like all of us here in blogland, her story is inspirational too. She lost over 90lbs to be crowned Ms Bikini Universe, not once but twice! She is not only a fitness model, but a high profile leader in the world of health and fitness. She is the founder and CEO of her multi-million dollar empire, JNL Inc. And is now a sponsored Team BSN Athlete.

You can check her story out at

To me, JNL represents strength, beauty and brains. These qualities combined with her passion for health and fitness are the secret to her success.

Feminine, athletic and sexy... now this is the look i am going to achieve...and maintain.

12 weeks is the time-frame = 31 January 2010... and yes i will post up a photo to prove it =)

And no, i won't be suiciding myself with hours of training, heck i'm not even allowed to weight train for the next 4-6 weeks. And i also won't be D-I-E-ting as the word suggest. I do not do 'all or nothing approaches', anymore, they are not good for my body or my mind.

Fat loss is simple. FACT. I/We just over-complicate the matter.

So after a few weeks of intense soul searching, i think i have discovered what has been holding me back all these years....Its passion. No not in the lovey dovey sense of the word ( though that would be nice hee hee), but passion in regards to my dreams. I live and breath health and fitness, its what i love. What i have not done is allowed my passion to take control when "Hemorrhoid" dramas have knocked me down, therefore allowing the Binge Monster to take the drivers seat in my life.

So by acknowledging what has been going on in this crazy little head of mine I've started to in-grain some big goals into my subconscious. I know that there are going to be times when i will be tested, but i now know to focus on my bright future ahead, cos this time, my passion is gonna pull me through.



  1. so true. we TOTALLY over complicate this stuff. It is really simple: consistency.

  2. eeeh I love JNL too! I read all about her recently when I wanted to find out who had won the comp in USA that Lindy Olsen went over to compete in recently (Miss Bikini Diva World -(WBFF)on 19 Sept 09 in Toronto.
    WOW imagining sharing the stage with her!!