Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Physique Friendly Salad Dressings???

Does anyone out there in the 'Land of Blog' have any tastey, physique -friendly salad dressings?? Home made or bought, i dont mind. I'm just getting slightly BORED of my 97% fat free mayo lol

Thanks =)


  1. Hey Chelle! Try the following mix, I love it - just add a bit of everything, a little bit at a time to get the flavour you desire and shake up really well:

    Dijon mustard, bit of lemon juice, salt, pepper and splenda to taste and vinegar (balsamic or cider depending on your tastes).

    K xo

  2. Fat free ranch :) Tastes pretty damn good and is lower in sugar than fat free mayo.
    Steph has been buying sweet and sour sauce(which I love) from healthy life. Uber low fat and really low in sugar too (which is rare)

  3. 1. Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar.

    2. Balsamic Vinegar, American Mustard & Water

    3. White Vinegar, Splenda & Cracked Pepper

    Always go with one sweet ingredient and one sour ingredient as a base and add from there Chelle. xxx