Thursday, October 7, 2010

Getting my 'raw on'!

Well I've had a sudden fascination with 'raw foods'. My eyes have been glued to my laptop devouring information from raw food blogs non stop since last night and i tell you what, I AM INSPIRED! These raw foodies take their health to a whole new level. WOW.  Check out RAWAMAZING, Raw Glow and Raw on $10 a day (or less).

Read here the reasons why we should eat raw.

Raw Foodies eat food in its natural state. That means the food is whole and fresh, no cooking is required therefore everything is made from scratch thus retaining all the nutrients that heat destroys. Traditional raw foodies are also vegan - no animal products including milk, cheese, eggs are consumed.

This whole year for me has been about achieving balance, improving my health, changing my body and improving my nutrition. Now i am NEVER going to be an extremist (or anal lol) again when it comes to my food.... you know me- life's too short without a fabulous dessert ;-)... but i'm definitely keen to make even better choices when it comes to meals on school days. Who doesn't want more energy and vitality in their day?

FYI, i'm not much of an animal eater. I do love seafood and eggs/eggwhites but i can happily go weeks without eating anything that walks. For example, the last time i ate chicken was over 3 weeks ago when i dined out with Miss Leisl and Miss Kristin....and i am pretty sure that was the last time i ate beef too... Since i bought my pad in April this year, i have only cooked red meat (lamb) once... and that was cos i was throwing a dinner party!

I am also quite lactose intolerant - i don't digest dairy that well and i usually end up with a runny nose. After abstaining from daily dairy for a long time i decided to experiment with it again for the past 6 weeks or so. I re-introduce natural yoghurt, feta and pesto.... and guess what? NO runny nose!... BUT it only occured to me last week that it still has been upsetting my stomach - that bloated blah feeling so it is off my menu again...and the fluid retention has gone with it =)

So i have printed out a few delicious recipes in preparation for getting my raw on tomorrow. Will keep ya posted how i go!

If you eat raw i would love to hear from you!


  1. I've always heard people say that going raw gives you quite a bit of energy. I've thought about it before-but wow, the time for prepping and getting the protein in...I'm a protein addict-lol...good luck; looking forward to hearing how you go!
    So, salad in Tully? ;-0

  2. LOL, we can eat whatever we like in Tully Rae- i'm all about delicious food when i travel! I have no intentions of going 100% raw or vegan...I will incorporate a raw lunch OR dinner - not both and I'm still gonna use a WPC in my post-workout/morning tea banana supershake.... I used to be a protein addict, i was a stressed mess if i missed a serving lol! If i hadnt' have done ESE this year there is no way i would be trying this out! ;-)

  3. I don't eat a lot of raw food but I a going back to eating semi-vegetarian. Was just telling Raechelle on her blog that it's how I used to eat before I started having issues and putting on weight. I don't need a lot of meat. I prefer legumes, beans etc. Found out that my blood type A are supposed to be more suited to vegetarian diets. O group are the carnivores!

  4. Hi Frankie, i have read the blood type diet book and i am sure there may be some truths behind food groups and blood type origins but i think it is still quite a generalised assumption that people can ONLY eat accordingly. I am A blood type too, and i have always leaned towards semi-veg as too much meat makes me feel sluggish and fatigued BUT there are foods like soy and chick-peas (A blood foods) that really upset my stomach too!...I'm gonna really tune into myself as i embark on this raw plan so if i do feel my energy levels lacking (iron levels dropping) or i suddenly crave meat i will go with what my body wants! Stay tuned ;-)

  5. I have known I need more raw food in my diet for a while, but have been a slacker. Thanks for all the good resource links you listed.

  6. I originally transitioned to high fat raw (the fun recipes by Ani Phyo and others) a few months back. I lost a couple of pounds but plateaued. That much fat, although it's from plants, is alil overboard. I have discovered 811 raw and it seems to deliver better results although I haven't started that yet . Good luck on your raw journey!

  7. Hi J, thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm keen to see if the difference in macro ratios affect my physique at all and/or my energy levels... Will check out 811 raw, thanks ;-)