Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Raw Vegan Experiment OVER!... and mega cleavage ;-)

As you know i have been experimenting with Raw Vegan meals since sunday night. As much as my meals so far have tasted fabulous and give me that complete nourishing feeling, i am going to have to add back the fish and eggs into my diet. Why??... Cos my strength and energy has competely DISAPPEARED! You have no idea! Its like Ms Zero Energy Fairy sprinkled some expired fairy dust over me. I even had to have a coffee this arvo just to keep me awake! ( i gave up my 4pm coffee over a month ago cos i was just drinking it for the sake of the taste, not cos i needed a pick me up ;-))

Monday morning was my first weights sess after a non-animal protein dinner. I noticed i was a little off in my strength but we all have 'off' days so i just brushed it off. I then ran a 5km in 25min 17sec that arvo and felt pretty damn good. Tuesday was Leg day. My fav muscle group to train. I don't go that heavy with legs but i do do a LOT of volume and my sessions are INTENSITY PLUS! After doing a warmup set on the leg press i thought to myself, 'OMG, i can't lift a thing!' I barely moved up from my warm-up weights! I got through my sess but it was a real struggle. By lunch time i was just getting tired and finding it a little hard to concentrate. Usually tuesday arvos i like to go for a light walk around the block but by mid arvo i was completely SHATTERED! Today was the energy at all.. I am one of those girls who usually have boundless energy (i've been nicknamed 'energizer bunny' by heaps of people over the years), i am always on the go... but not today, i could have fallen asleep standing up! I seriously haven't felt this fatigued since comp prep last year. So as i mentioned before i had to have a coffee to psyche me up for boxing class tonight...

OMG, now boxing class is ALWAYS tough, but tonight i was so exhausted i thought i was gonna vomit all over my partner lol... seriously, i felt really ill and i knew something wasn't quite right...So i decided to cook up some eggs and vegies for dinner tonight and i am feeling pretty good now. But one thing i did notice is that i LOVE the taste of vegies better RAW! So i think i will stick to eating raw salads with amazing nut pesto type dressings but include animal type protein sources (mainly fish and eggs) with my lunch and dinners. For me, it seems that with the type of intense training that i do, i simply need more protein for muscle recovery. Nuts alone ain't cutting it.....

On the positive side, what i did like about raw vegan was that my digestion was great - no bloating from all the natural foods, i felt satisfied after each meal and my skin has cleared up- got that glowing thing happening ;-)

Oh and last of all - for all you girls out there who want MEGA CLEAVAGE from a sports bra, i highly recommend Lorna Jane's Seamless Sports Bra. I got this one free months ago when i bought a pair of  Sketchers Shape Up shoes from Lorna Jane and had never worn it till tonight... Reason being, i don't like thick bra straps so i have never bothered wearing it, (cos of all the damn rain all my other crop tops were still in the wash so i had no choice), plus i am more concerned about keeping the girls in place rather than displaying them to the world. There are members at my gym who are famous for their 'flying girls', seriously , wearing a push-up padded bar to the gym is just ridiculous- PUT THEM AWAY, before you smack someone in the face lol.... So on went this baby and HOLLA, the girls were busting out! - Liz - Totally Rosa-Maria style lol... The amount of gawks i got at the gym tonight was priceless lol


  1. i tried to vegetarian a while back, was back to meat after two weeks, what blood type ar you, if u are o you may be dependant on meat like me.

  2. I went vegetarian for a year a few years back and one of the issues I had was energy too. I know bodybuilders that do vegetarian-but it's allot more work...and as much as I like cooking-it's even a bit much for me!
    good on ya for giving it a go though-at least you can say you gave it a try!

  3. Laree- hey girl, i'm actually A blood type - according to the book A's are predominantly vego but they can have some fish, turkey (i think!) and not sure about eggs. A's are supposed to eat soy too, but soy makes me really bloated!!.. so i am going back to eating what makes ME feel GOOD ;-)

    Rae- Wow really! Yeah trial and error is the only way you will EVER find out if something works for YOU... I have a friend who is a vegan bodybuilder (doesnt compete but trains like one), he's 6 foot, 100kg and has never even tasted meat before, yet he is strong, healthy and ripped!... I'm just surprised how fast the lower amount of protein has affected MY energy levels. I woke up this morning still feeling like i have been hit by a bus lol

  4. What a great post Chelle. I found it really interesting. I've also been vego before but wasnt doing any weight training just lots of cardio (teaching aerobics). It seemed to work fine for me (I'm type A blood). Now I eat animal protein because I like it and dont want to be anal about avoiding it.

    Mind you the raw vegan thing has NO appeal to me as I like my food hot or at least warm. We have so much cold weather in Adelaide that eating cold salads just has no appeal. Give me a nice hot slow cooked meal and I'm in my element :-)

  5. Hey Chelle, how about some photos of your crop top cleavage magnificence. Betcha better than Rosa Maria!

  6. Thanks Magda!! Salads don't appeal to me in winter either- i couldn't think of anything worse lol.... i actually hadn't thought of what it would be like to be a raw vegan in winter- guess i'll never know!

    Liz- it has been a little while since i have posted some progress pics! I promise i will show off some mega boobage in a couple weeks ;-)

  7. Dying laughing over the boobage issues we deal with on a regular basis! HAHAHA!! And I certainly know that my body needs some MEAT and I also can't ever do totally carb-free. Like I get woozy/nauseated without some amount of oats or whole wheat bread etc.

  8. Kelly girl, i never knew i could make my girls look so huge hahahahahaha!!!..... i've eaten red meat, fish and eggs over the last 3 days and i am feeling SOOOOO much better, its nice to have ENERGY again! ;-)