Monday, October 11, 2010

My 'raining ceiling' experience!

I tell you what, my life is NEVER without excitement...So i woke up yesterday morning, boiled the kettle, made my bed and walked back into the kitchen and thought to myself, "geez, whats going on with the kettle, there is water EVERYWHERE!"...Seriously half my kitchen bench was flooded.... then i saw a droplet... descending from the CEILING!.... WTF!... A sudden rush of adrenaline pumped through my veins... OMG...the neighbours unit is flooding ..... my ceiling is gonna cave in .... NOOOOOOOOOO!... So i've raced out the front door, flew up the stairs and starting banging on old mates front door (lovely retired man- late 60s/70s) .... NOTHING..... so i knocked again and started calling out what i thought was his name... CHRIS, CHRIS! ( i found out later it was Steve, i've only been calling him Chris for 6months oops) .... he's come racing to the door (probably wondering who the hell is calling him by the wrong name at 7.30am on a sunday morning) in nothing but a towel ( i must have startled the poor man out of a deep sleep lol)... He asked if i was ok, and i told him about my internal raining situation....

First we checked his kitchen pipes.... no leaks.... bathroom pipes.... no leaks...... then the laundry..... at first we thought his cat had missed the kitty litter..... nope..... his hot water system had SHIT itself, BIG TIME! There was a crack right through the bottom.... So we turned it off and was able to drain the whole thing..... In the meantime i had woken up my other neighbour out of a deep slumber as i was in desparate need for some buckets. ... About half an hour later, all the 'rain' had dried up.... I also discovered i have a concrete ceiling - no gyprock/plasterboard which was a good thing... it wasn't gonna cave in YAY... just gotta wait a week for it to dry completely cos the 'rain' has taken off some of the paint.

House delemas aside, my running has been kicking arse! Seriously, i have been killing it on the treadie... yeah i know i said i'd be running outside but brisbane is on the verge of flooding atm...serious... i could go kyacking if i really wanted too lol... I ran my first 7km in 38.03mins yesterday and did a 5km last monday in 25.59mins. Gonna try and crush my 5km PB this arvo! I have also decided that i am going to work towards running a 10km, so that will be my goal for this month. Also too, one thing i am stoked with since i started running 8 days ago is just how much my body has CHANGED! That's right, i have leaned up heaps, you have no idea! My body is tightening up by the day, my size 6(aus) CUE shorts are getting loose and i am just HIGH on LIFE!

And last of all, i prepared my first RAW VEGAN dinner last night. I made a zucchini pasta with marinated mushrooms and a cashew spinach pesto... omg it was AMAZING. The flavours were unreal and  it was very satisfying ( i was a bit weary beforehand that i would still be peckish without the large amounts of protein that i am used to). Every bite seemed to nourish me, it was quite an experience! ( i sound like a hippie now lol).. So tonight i will be making a fennel salad with a macadamia and strawberry pesto. YUM!


  1. haha love it babe !! glad it wasn't a flood . . you go girl !!! hit that PB tonight . . and i've been just as fascinated with raw fruit & veggies since the weekend . . no idea why . . but hey why not !!! keep up the awesome stuff babe . . once again, inspiritational !! xoxo

  2. Baby doll, i SMASHED my PB by 42sec!!!!..... Isn't raw food fantastic?! It also forces me to eat slower and savour all the amazing flavours. Are you making up raw dressings as well or just eating plain?? x