Friday, October 29, 2010

Quarter Century Birthday!

Well guys and girls, I am officially 25 today - Quarter Century Birthday WOOT WOOT!

The last 12 months have been pretty amazing, yeah there have been some downright LOWS but on the whole i have had a very positive year!

The highlights of being a 24yr old included:

- getting my 'girls'!
- buying my pad
- dropping 10.3% Body Fat and 64.8ml since the start of the year... and getting into SEXY BITCH shape!
- doing a photo shoot
wooting it up with TIESTO!
- getting my Cert III & IV in Fitness (Personal Training)
- and developing a healthier relationship with 'the hemorrhoid'

I have learnt SOOOOO much about myself over the last 12 months. My confidence has grown, my knowledge on nutrition and its effects on the body is forever increasing and all in all i am just happier and more positive on a day to day basis. I still haven't got a grasp on the binging issue yet, but i am working on it. Consistantly. Emotional issues take time and effort to resolve so i hope that when i write about my 26th birthday next year, that willl be in my highlights section!

I'm actually quite excited to be 25. I feel like i am forever evolving the older i get. I'm becoming a more rounded person (not in shape haha) with a lot more to give and a hell lot more to achieve. I've got some big ideas in the pipeline for where i wanna be and what i WANT (and WILL) become in the next few years. So look out world and watch this space ............................... ;-)

Me as a 24 yr old

Me as a more 'sophisticated' (nearly) 25yr old lol



  2. Happy Birthday!! I turn 26 in a little more than 10 days, I'm not that happy about it, but I'm ready to make my next 5 yrs the best/ most productive/happiest years of my life :D Andddd the fittest, ohhh and I want new "girls" this year too :D How was it adjusting to running with a heavier top half? :)

  3. Thanks babe! Cool how exciting, you're a little scorpio too!... I think i waited at least 12 weeks before i started running, possibly 16. At first it felt really wierd like they were gonna bust out of my chest lol (they do feel like aliens in your chest for the first 4-5months!)so i didnt run that far- maybe 2km. I always wear a tight sports bra and a lycra gym top with inner bust support so the girls are locked in tight but to be honest they barely move when i run and i don't notice them at all. They don't even feel heavy (they're 435g implants). Everyone (who had big natural boobs) told me that i would get sore shoulders and they would be uncomfortable but that is definitely not the case. Its been nearly 12months now and they feel like i have grown them all by myself lol