Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bikini Workshop, PT session and Kangaroo Point PBs!

Well I am still buzzing away on an endorphin high from running the Kangaroo Point Stairs this morning. I have officially been inducted into the Sub 20 min club woohoo!! I was feeling pretty pumped this morning and ended up smashing 49 seconds off last weeks time. New PB: 19:34 mins baby. Then of course I had to add an extra set onto last weeks' tally, so I did 15 sets all up. Total BAD@$$ today.

The past week has been a bit of a whirlwind, I barely can even remember what happened earlier this week (obviously nothing important!) so i'll skip to FULL-ON FRIDAY. I started the day off with a 40 min walk outside. It wasn't the smartest idea seeing that I had PT with coach Liz later that day. We did another hard-core power sesson. The workout looked something like this:

Front Squats (with Olympic Bar + weight) 5 reps
superset with Chin-Ups from Hell:
a Pull Up/ Chin Up combo: 4 Pull Ups + 4 Chin Ups + 2 Pull Ups + 2 Chin Ups

x 3 sets

... my arms were so fucked sore I wanted to cry.

Dead Lifts (arse to grass style) 3 reps
superset with
Olympic Bar (plus weight) Push Press 7 reps (maybe 10? I was too smashed, can't remember)

x 3 sets

Then we did some Pilates floor work. I had to activate the very deep core muscles (very technical i know. I should have paid more attention in Human Anatomy class) ... a lot harder than I thought. I will be incorporating more core work into my new training program so bring on that sexy 6-pack baby!

After PT I crashed and burned for a few hours whilst I tried to coax my body out of a coma with 2 strong cups of coffee ... as I had to get my dance on at BodyGroove that night. Even though I was pretty tired the class seemed to flush a lot of the lactic acid out of my legs, plus its always a whole lot of FUN. Note to self: 3 lots of exercise in one day is overkill.

Saturday morning was a killer BodySlam class - boxing and running, my favourite combo. I kept up with the speedy gonzales boys for most of the running but towards the end my legs got their way. I told them to SPRINT. They told me to FUCK OFF. lol

Then it was a race to the coast for the Be Bootyful Bikini Model Workshop. It was fantastic. They went through judging criteria, format for each round (bikini, sports wear, club wear), attire (they had a huge range of bikinis on display ... and I think I am changing my colour), posing, portfolios, sponsorship etc and we also got to practice out T-Walk ... in our 5.5 inch STRIPPER HEELS.

Allure 5.5 : Click to View Original Photo
Lets just say it's time to start wearing them whilst cooking and washing the dishes! 


  1. It sure was Char! Weekends really need to be 3 days long ;-)

  2. wow!!!! what an awesome weekend!!!
    KILLER session with PT!im gonna hae to steal that one in a few months!
    and congrats for being in the sub 20 club btw!!!!!
    and yes,totally cook and clean in the heels! thats exactly what i did to practice before a show!
    ....oh wait,i think thats how i got knocked up again....

  3. Mel - hahaha you crack me up girl!! Guys definitely like a girl in heels hehe .... steal away once you've popped, i've stolen a few of your workouts too - HARDCORE!!!