Sunday, February 26, 2012

15 Weeks till Comp Time!

Well I'm sitting on my exercise ball in quite a comatosed (not sure if that is a word?) state. My legs are SHATTERED! BUT I did have a killer workout at KP Stairs this morning! The rain had bucketed down all day yesterday so thank god the sun was shining this morning. Having said that, the stairs were very wet, lots of puddles and very sandy - total OH&S risk. But hey, that didn't stop me. Neither did my Vibrams which were soaking wet. So gross. So not cool. FYI, they went straight into the washing machine as soon as I got home!

Anywho I have a new PB! 19:01mins - shaved 33 seconds off last weeks' time woohoo!! Plus I did an extra 6 sets, so I am now up to 16! BRING ON 20! ... I pushed myself pretty hard during those first 10. Sets 12 to 16 totally sucked - quads on fire!!

The training week in review:

Monday - 50min easy walk outside. (I decided to have a day off weights (and rest my muscles) as I was waiting on my new POWER PROGRAM to be written)

Tuesday - 8km run - 41:49mins on treadmill. Felt alright, calves were still a little sore from KP Stairs.

Wednesday - Bodyslam - Boxing, kickboxing and sprints. We had a fill-in trainer that night and her session was mental! Talk about intense! I trained so hard that I ended up pinching a nerve in my lower back. I know, silly me, that's the competitive side of me coming out. The sprints were at the end of the session and we had to race our partner. There was no way I would let John beat me, so I smashed him and myself. Not good. It was the worst pain ever. A lot of stretching, half a tube of Traumeel cream and a lot of Mag Phos later and my back was feeling so-so.

Thursday - Rest day and massage day. Thank god for that! Kim sorted out my lower back quick smart. She balanced all my energies and pressure points and I left feeling a million bucks :)

Friday - New Power Program. Killer: Front Squats supereset with Pull Up/Chin Up combos. Baby got back, baby got ass. Oh and of course I did BodyGroove class too!

Saturday - BodySlam: boxing combos non-stop. killer.

And last of all, I FINALLY have begun doing a weigh-in day. Actually two. Tuesday and Fridays. By doing them twice a week I can monitior any fluctuations a little better.

16 weeks out:

Tuesday 21/2: 63.4kg (139.5lbs)
Friday 24/2: 63.1kg (138.8lbs)

LOSS: 300g (0.7lbs)

So there you have it. I'm right on track. Back definition is coming up nicely and finally starting to see some separation in my quads. I'll post some progress pics soon.

Well time to prep some lunch, then its a date with my couch and Episode 9 of Spooks! Uni starts tomorrow so I am going relax and enjoy my last day of FREEDOM!!


  1. Have been enjoying your updates Chelle. Hope all goes well with Uni!

  2. Thanks Char! I'm actually really looking forward to using these brain cells of mine again lol